Lisa Scott MBA, CEC, PCC

Board Chair

Lisa has 20 years of experience in organizational leadership roles and business consulting across a range of industries. Her senior leadership experience includes Executive Director and Director of Operations roles in the private home health care industry with organizations of up to 300 people. Her business background has focused on change leadership, business growth, organizational effectiveness, strategy, operational efficiency, and leadership team development. Lisa founded a business consulting practice in 2006 and has a track record of success in management consulting in the oil and gas, oil and gas service, agriculture, utilities, health, government and various other sectors.

Lisa became a Certified Executive Coach in 2009. Her coaching, facilitating and leadership training clients include senior executives, leadership teams, technical leaders, high potential managers, new leaders, and managers in transition. As the co-founder and Senior Partner of LeaderSharp Group Lisa supports leaders and teams to clearly identify their goals, recognize and acknowledge obstacles, define areas for development, and build on their existing strengths in order to achieve their best results. She is dedicated to the idea that people are incredibly capable and often have more strengths than they are aware of.

Lisa’s style is warm, engaging and very direct, client focused, and results oriented. She effectively draws on the unique combination of her experiences as a counsellor, a business leader and entrepreneur, an MBA and best-in-class coaching credentials. Lisa is the co-author of Great Feedback and researches and writes articles on talent management, the skilled labour shortage and leadership.

The world needs better leaders more than ever before as we try to lead through volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity, disruption, demographic shifts and economic downturns. LeaderSharp Group specializes in leadership development, from first time supervisors to executives and teams. With a growing, global skilled labour and leadership skills shortage and a mass exodus of Boomers from professional and management roles, leadership development is now a priority around the world.