Andrew Galster

Director of Innovation

Andrew Galster is a leader in organizational change management and experiential learning.

Andrew’s number one passion is learning. As a systems thinker, he approaches complexity as something to be embraced, appreciated, and distilled into manageable pieces. He has formal training as a commercial pilot and has obtained numerous certifications in the transportation, first-responder, and adventure fields.

He first honed his leadership and experiential education skills at Alberta Easter Seals Society’s Camp Horizon, where he created and managed several programs that enable leadership development through adaptive outdoor adventure experiences in the Rocky Mountains.

Andrew later served as the Executive Director for the Canadian National Institute for the Blind in Alberta, where he provided leadership for this 100-year-old charity through a complex re-design of its core program offerings. Then, as their first national Director of Program Development and Evaluation, he also led the design and implementation of a new, innovative nationwide program monitoring and evaluation strategy.

He is a proud father of two children, one of whom lives with special needs. And he prides himself in being an equal partner with his wife, Bethany, in their household management. Their family is currently based in Ottawa but still has strong ties to Calgary.

 Andrew joined LeaderSharp as our first Director of Innovation to guide the development of our online Learning Management System (LMS), including the integration of live learning, blended, and asynchronous content and the growth of partner collaborations.