Monica Callon


Monica has been coaching corporate leaders on four continents relative to their internal and external relations for over 25 years. Her focus is on executive and team mindset (inner game), purpose, values, capacity, authenticity and impact. Her clients experience significant shifts as they move from reactive to creative leadership and, in the process, begin to live and lead more consciously.

Monica gained her coaching certification from CoachU’s Advanced Corporate Coaching program. She has attended trainings in participatory leadership methodologies, such as world café and open space, to better enable teams and stakeholders to tap into their collective intelligence. She has also attended the Peter Hawkins Systemic Team Coaching Training.

Monica seized the opportunity to become certified in the Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) and, subsequently, The Leadership System™ in 2016. These certifications were transformative experiences both personally and professionally. The LCP™ is now an integral part of the custom-designed programs she develops, often in partnership with other coaches, to drive sustainable improvements in leadership effectiveness and impact.

Monica partners with courageous and open-minded leaders to foster breakthroughs in self-awareness, influence and business results. She has collaborated with executives operating in the pharmaceutical, utilities, finance, aerospace, education and legal sectors, among others, supporting them as they become more empowering leaders and innovative thinkers.

Monica Callon

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