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Made for this work, and raised in the solitude and pureness of the Yukon Territory, Tara Larkin has a unique approach to leadership development. In a world of accelerated pace Tara’s super power is her ability to slow people down, bring people to presence, reconnect people to what is truly important and help people access their inner wisdom as a guide.

With 20 years of combined leadership experience in both the public and private sectors and a lifetime of entrepreneurial experience to draw from, Tara recognizes the importance of a values based, client centered, holistic coaching approach that answers to the evolving complexity facing leaders today.

Learning and growth comes in many forms. Tara’s work with Indigenous People of the North has taught her that there is nothing more important than learning through experience itself. She utilises this belief in her coaching style and draws from many sources of learned experience, including her personal life experience, the diversity of the jobs she has employed, the people and cultures she supports as well as her academic credentials.

Tara holds a Bachelor of Applied Justice Studies Degree and is a Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach both of which she obtained through Mount Royal University. She is a certified practitioner of the Leadership Circle Profile as well as the Collective Leadership Assessment . In addition, Tara is a facilitator with the Canadian Mental Health Association, where she supports people and organisations to develop tools and skills that help them navigate the reality of mental health in the workplace. Tara loves learning and is eager to start her Masters Degree in the next few years.

Tara Larkin

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