November 26th: Leader 2020 Free, Live Virtual Event

November 26th: Leader 2020 Free, Live Virtual Event

The New Water Cooler: Strategies to Build A Cohesive Team in a Virtual World 

Leaders and team members are struggling to maintain cohesion and synergy with their team members in this virtual world.   We continue to adapt, but many team members are reporting greater degrees of disconnection with each passing week.   We could not have anticipated the loss of the proverbial “water cooler” conversations that created the opportunity for organic conversations, ideas and connections between team members- in hallways, elevators, lunch rooms and on coffee breaks.   It’s time we acknowledge how much this has impacted our productivity and most importantly our connection to our team.  

In this session we will look at strategies to increase connection, collaboration and cohesion in a virtual world; ensuring our teams feel cohesive and supported when working from home. 


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