Strategic Planning

As experienced business leaders at the executive level, we have a great deal of expertise in creating and implementing effective, implementable strategic plans.

As leadership consultants we help teams and organizations develop the critical elements of Mission (Purpose), Vision, Values and Strategic Plan within a Strategic Framework.  

Strategic Framework

We do this with pre-work and facilitated sessions using best practice tools such as:

  • Mission and Vision building blocks and team exercises
  • Core Values survey and team exercises
  • Strategic Staircase process for building your Strategic Plan

Strategic Staircase


We guide you through the creation of strategic goals and objectives working backwards from your Vision to your Year 1 Operational Plan.  The Operational Plan can then be created in detail by assessing:

  • Roles and Responsibilities required
  • Owners of Goals
  • Organizational structure
  • Tools and technology required
  • Processes required
  • Dependencies to achieve
  • Barriers to achieve

We can then help you connect the Year 1 Operational Plan with every individual, by a cascading process into your different departments, functions or groups. This forms the basis of team and individual performance goals.  In this way every individual can see how their contribution is connected to the Mission, the Year 1 Plan, subsequent annual goals and objectives, and ultimately to achieve the Vision.  The Strategic Plan you create with our guidance is highly implementable and strongly aligned deep into your organization.

What results do you get?

  1. Clarity of Purpose (the Why)
  2. A shared set of Values to guide behavior and decisions
  3. Clear direction and exciting picture of the future (the What and When)
  4. A clear and aligned Strategic Plan (How to get there)
  5. Clear accountability for achieving goals
  6. Strong alignment of annual goals with groups and individuals roles and objectives
  7. A cohesive and compelling Strategic Alignment to drive your organization to succeed
  8. A repeatable process for updating your Plan each year

Strategic Alignment

"The intent was to improve overall business performance by developing Core Purpose, Vision and Strategic Plan.  I believe the success was due to the input and experience of Chris in terms of the tools and excellent facilitation skills."

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