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LeaderSharp Group Producer (Part-time, Contract)

We are looking for a part-time Producer to support our facilitators and coaches in creating an engaging and enjoyable experience for our clients. As a Producer, you will act as the technical support for our facilitators during our online training sessions. By handling the technical requirements of the session, the facilitators can focus more on the client, providing a smoother and more valuable learning experience.

This is a part-time, contract-based role. We are looking for someone who can accommodate occasional producing shifts to support the LeaderSharp team.

You will be expected to be available for the length of the session (between 2 -5 hours in duration), and potentially for debrief meetings before/after with the client or facilitator.

Some key responsibilities include:
• Providing live technical support to facilitators & clients in the case of an issue
• Hosting sessions on Zoom & other video conferencing systems
• Operating breakout rooms, polls, annotations, and other advanced features of Zoom
• Monitoring session chat
• Working with the facilitator to keep track of session timing, breaks, and overall flow

Key skills/competencies:

• Extensive knowledge of Zoom & other video conferencing systems
• Strong computer skills & technical literacy
• Comfortable interacting directly with clients including executive and senior leadership
• Maintaining a calm demeanor under pressure
• Flexible schedule to work during standard business hours
• Knowledge of other collaborative working software is a plus! (Mentimeter, Mural, Whiteboard, Padlet, etc.)
• Knowledge & passion for leadership development or personal growth is a plus!

If you are interested in this role, please send a resume & cover letter to: [email protected] and [email protected].

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