The Leadership Circle™

The most important and proven leadership development framework in the world today.

The Leadership Circle™ is:

  1. A Universal Model of Leadership
  2. A framework for leadership development
  3. An assessment suite

Bob Anderson describes what is now called the Universal Model of Leadership and how it is represented by the Leadership Circle 360 Profile™.


LeaderSharp Group is driven by our Purpose that The World Needs Better Leaders. We believe with absolute certainty that the Universal Model of Leadership, represented in the Leadership Circle 360 Profile™ and other transformational tools from The Leadership Circle™ is the only answer for developing effective leaders for today and for tomorrow. It’s that important.

Sample LCP Graph

There is a growing concern that our leadership skills, in business, politics and the world are rapidly falling behind the complexity of challenges we face. There is a growing leadership crisis in the world because of the mass exodus of aging Boomers from the workforce and the leadership skills deficit recognized worldwide. We’re in over our heads and we’re falling behind in how to develop better leaders.

As before in history, every so often someone comes along to show us what great leadership looks like. The leadership that is required for the times. This time we can look to the lifetime dedication of Bob Anderson and Bill Adams and the development of the first Universal Model of Leadership™ and framework for leadership development.

“Only 6 percent of companies feel fully ready to address their leadership issues, only 10 percent feel comfortable with their succession program, and only 7 percent have strong programs to build Millennial leaders.” 

Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 Report

What Type of Leader are You?


Late in 2015 they released their book, Mastering Leadership that describes an astounding integration of most of the leadership development research to date and the psychology behind our beliefs, motivations and behaviors. The model is also proven by scientific research and statistical validity that confirms what effective leadership comprises and how effective leadership generates better business results every time.

This elegant and profound Universal Model is the most important development in leadership since the early philosophers such as Plato first started asking questions such as, “What qualities distinguish an individual as a leader?”

LeaderSharp coaches are certified in both The Leadership Circle™ and The Leadership System™ for individuals and teams.

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