Coaching Skills for Leaders and Internal Coaches

Are you a leader looking to add coaching skills to your repertoire?

Do you want to learn the basic skills of coaching in a short time frame?

Would you like to build a coaching culture in your company?

'According to recent research, the single most important managerial competency that separates highly effective managers from average ones is coaching.'

"You Can’t Be a Great Manager If You’re Not a Good Coach," Harvard Business Review

Coaching Skills for Leaders and Internal Coaches is a powerful learning experience designed in Calgary by Master Level Coaches, and specifically aligns with the International Coach Federation (ICF) core competencies.

  • The course is co-facilitated in order to ensure a high coach to participant ratio in the room, which makes for a rich learning experience.
  • Participants receive a 150 page workbook full of content from the ICF competencies, insights from multiple best in class sources, and exercises that form part of the interactive learning experience.
  • 3 days of training can be held consecutively, however it is optimal to have approximately 2 weeks between the training days. You can choose what works best for you.
  • The training can be followed up with a series of group mentor coaching sessions and/or coaching supervision to embed and build the coaching skills.
  • It is recognized and approved by the ICF, and certified coaches receive continuing education credits for taking the course.

'Coaching Skills for Leaders and Internal Coaches is a fantastic course and has given me the tools I need to coach effectively. I am more confident as a coach now that I have learned the core competencies.'

In this experiential, practice-based course participants will learn:

  • The structure and flow of coaching conversations
  • How to engage individuals in a coaching conversation that builds trust
  • How to apply key coaching skills and competencies
  • How to ask powerful questions
  • To listen for what is most important
  • Increased observation skills to see and hear with insight
  • The unique ethical implications of the role of the internal coach

Upon completion of Coaching Skills for Leaders and Internal Coaches, participants will have:

'Michele's and Lisa's passion for coaching clearly shine through in this course. That passion is inspiring. This course will be invaluable in establishing our internal coaching program and a coaching culture in our company.'

  1. Expanded their coaching toolkit
  2. Practiced peer-coaching with the support of experienced coaches
  3. Advanced their communication and messaging skills
  4. Increased their confidence and coaching abilities
  5. Elevated their leadership skills
  6. Anchored and integrated a deeper understanding of the ICF Coaching Competencies
  7. Set the foundation for their role as an internal coach
  8. Coaching Skills for Leaders and Internal Coaches is co-facilitated by Certified Executive Coaches Michele Roy and Lisa Scott.

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At LeaderSharp Group we believe learning stems from integrating experience with skillful practice and coaching/feedback from experienced coaches. Participants of this program will be supported and challenged to explore and engage in the practice of coaching. Participants will have the foundation they need to step into their role as internal coaches, or they will add coaching tools and competencies to their skill sets that can be applied immediately in their roles as leaders.

What are the International Coach Federation Competencies?