High Performance Team Accelerator

Does your team have poor decision making, lack of accountability, personality conflict, politics or silo behaviors?  Do you have team trust, communication or collaboration challenges?  Would you like to step up your team’s performance?

You need a High Performance Team Accelerator.

  • This high impact leadership training program is customized and adapted for your team and the specific development opportunities we identify with you.
  • We laser focus on the issues that have the greatest ability to accelerate your team’s performance in the shortest time frame.
  • This is high impact training using best-in-class tools and assessments that we’ve successfully used with field supervisors, office managers and executives.

How will the High Performance Team Accelerator change your team?

  • Increased trust and understanding for improved relationships
  • Improved communication skills, especially holding important conversations and holding highly effective feedback conversations
  • Increased cohesiveness and collaboration, reduced silo behavior
  • You appreciate the different leadership strengths on your team and learn how to fully leverage this diversity
  • Increased motivation, commitment and accountability
  • Effective team meetings and decision making
  • Far better team results

How Does the High Performance Team Accelerator Work?

  • Each Accelerator is tailored to fit your unique team dynamics.
  • We assess your current team effectiveness to identify key accelerators
  • We profile your personal preferences and leadership styles
  • It applies a potent blend of best in class individual and team effectiveness tools integrated into three separate days (to suit your schedules) of focused experiential team learning sessions.



The High Performance Team Accelerator meets the criteria for the CANADA ALBERTA JOB GRANT.

Canada AB Job Grant

The Canada Alberta Job Grant Program offers funding for private and not-for-profit companies for a program of 24 hours of new training - for new and existing employees.

The Grant reimburses up to two thirds of training costs up to $10,000 per individual. It’s a straight forward process and it’s not hard to qualify.

Click here to find out the details and see if your company is eligible. 

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