Let's Work Together! Managing Different Generations

Are the various generations within your company struggling to understand each other? Do you want to bridge the gaps between clashing generations? Do you want to learn how to motivate and manage the mix?


You are not alone! This is the new face of a multi-generational workforce.

Managing the demographic mix in today’s workforce can be hard. Knowing how to change attitudes and behaviors is even harder.

That’s where our Let’s Work Together! training comes in.

What makes generations so different?

Each of these generations has different attitudes, behaviors, values, skills, abilities, communication preferences, work philosophies and more. Millennial employees working with Baby Boomer employees sometimes need assistance in understanding each other's attributes. These differences generate rich diversity and creativity as well as tension, conflict and miscommunication with other generations that can be significantly disruptive in the workforce.

Unifying, motivating and developing people from all generations is key to your organization’s success. Increasing your “generational intelligence” will help to manage the varied perspectives and expectations of each generation in your workplace.

We also focus on individual personality and style of communication because the challenges are rarely just about generational differences.

Not sure where to start? We can help with our 6 Step 'Let's Work Together!' training program which includes:

  1. Individual profiles and group session to increase the understanding of personality differences and build trust.
  2. A Teamwork Assessment and a Generations Assessment which informs all of us about the unique interpersonal dynamics in your group. These assessments also allow us to adapt our training to fit your situation.
  3. Review of generational differences using our 'Managing Different Generations' Guide.
  4. Busting myths and misconceptions of each generation. Uncovering strengths and commonalities. Uncovering your real issues.
  5. Training on how to hold important conversations.
  6. Solving the issues together, setting goals, action steps and accountability. Gaining commitment to change.

What results will you get?

  • A greater appreciation of generational differences and similarities
  • An end to misconceptions, assumptions, judgments, stereotyping and conflict
  • Improved levels of understanding, trust, communication, collaboration and teamwork and alignment
  • Engaged and motivated co-workers of all generations
  • More effective and productive multigenerational teams

We also provide leadership coaching to individuals, groups or teams to sustain changes gained from the training.

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