The Leadership Circle™ Certifications

Chris Jones and Lisa Scott are Master Certified Trainers with the Leadership Circle™ and are excited to work with the Leadership Circle™ Marketing Team to bring more Certifications to Canada. This will be based on demand, so if you are interested in becoming Certified in the Leadership Circle Profile™ and/or The Leadership Culture Survey™, and would like to attend a certification in Canada in 2019, please let us know!

Feel free to contact LeaderSharp Group or The Leadership Circle™. We hope to see you in 2019!


Leadership Circle Profile Certification

Leadership Circle Profile™ (LCP) Certification gives you a powerful framework for enhancing leadership development and effectiveness.  This three-day program is packed with content designed to help you understand, work with, and effectively debrief The Leadership Circle™ Assessments.


Collective Leadership Certification

 In this one-day experiential program, you'll learn how to use the Leadership Culture Survey™ (LCS) to provide senior leaders with feedback/insight regarding their collective impact.  Completion of LCP Certification is required before attending this program.

Collective Leadership Certification