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“I have had the privilege to work with Chris for a year and during that time I have come to respect not only his deep expertise and mindful coaching abilities, but also the core values he exudes that make him such a highly capable leadership development coach.

His coaching has enabled me to explore the breadth and depth of leading developmental practices. The coaching with Chris has had a profoundly positive impact on me, and therefore on others around me, both in my professional and personal life. He has helped me find a new edge to my personal growth that no other would have so expertly enabled.

 Without doubt, I would highly recommend working with Chris on your leadership development needs.”  

Nick Freeman, Manager Strategic Change Office Alberta Energy Regulator

I’ve gained the conviction to become a more purposeful leader with the help of Lisa’s coaching. I’ve learned that I can lead in my own style and still support the other leaders in the company who have different leadership styles.

Working with Lisa has not only changed my path at the company, it has also changed my path in life.

Ed Chow, VP Support & International Business Development Seisware International Inc.

In the midst of uncertainty and being uncomfortable comes clarity and insight. Pretty cool experience... A great coach got me to a deeper understanding of myself that will without a doubt benefit me in my growth as a leader. 

Jason Hinchliff, Director, IS Business Office Calgary Oil & Gas Company

I highly recommend Lisa Scott, my Executive Coach, to any leader wanting to develop their leadership skills and significantly improve their leadership effectiveness. Working with Lisa has been one of the most important influences in my growth as a leader.  She has helped me develop an awareness and clarity around my leadership styles along with tools and strategies which have helped make me a more effective leader.  Lisa’s in depth experience in leadership development, training and coaching has revealed key areas of focus for my leadership development which has had a significant and positive impact on all areas of my leadership development. I truly appreciate Lisa’s approach to coaching and the difference she has made in my ongoing journey as a leader.

Jeremy Omelchuk, Manager, Commercial Sales & Operations Husky Energy Inc.

Chris has instilled in me a genuine desire to become an even better leader and a genuine desire to create even better business results. I found Chris’s approach to be natural and authentic.

Tilak Nithiyeswaran, Thermal Asset Manager, Heavy Oil and Gas Husky Energy Inc.

Lisa has effectively coached me through a number of situations. The action plans I developed through our coaching sessions has enabled me to move forward in achieving my goals leaving behind the stress, resentment and emotional angst. I now have a new mindset when approaching situations so that I won’t leave myself feeling stuck and have been able to coach my direct reports through situations where they feel stuck with great success.

Tom TomKiw, Facilities Engineering Center of Excellence Manager

I was identified as a high potential employee by my organization with the ability to ascend to the highest levels provided that I was able to grow emotionally and transcend from being mainly operations focused to being a strategic leader. Over the 9 months Lisa Scott has been able to move me closer to my goals than I have been able to do in the past 10 years. She has a very introspective approach and is very talented at guiding conversations that have led me to reach deep inside and find answers to my own questions. The process has been fairly unstructured (at my request) but very effective. Lisa is very perceptive and identifies opportunities for deep dives with surgical precision. Lisa was focused on having me identify and improve various aspects of my personality which has led to great success in my professional career without even focusing on those goals. I would strongly recommend Lisa as a professional development coach for anyone who is serious about improving their career!

Rick Filipovic, General Manager TESCO Manufacturing

It has been an honor and a privilege to work with Chris as my personal coach over the last year. Always positive, pushing just the right amount and focused on integrity and shared values - this is what Chris brings to the coaching experience. I strongly recommend Chris and LeaderSharp to any executive who may be experiencing change, looking to move to the next level in their career. An amazing experience that I am grateful to have been given.

Tara Mulrooney, Director IS University of Calgary

With their guidance in team building workshops and one on one executive coaching our management group has shifted from a low functioning group to a management team that is committed to communication and holding one another accountable to our commitments.

Ed VanWieren, CEO & Murray Brack, COO SeisWare International Inc.

Chris was instrumental in helping to prepare me for my new role as CEO in the company. This was my first CEO role. The guidance and assistance Chris helped me to create a practical personal development plan based on my 360 degree feedback.

I and my team have benefited tremendously from my relationship with Chris and I would recommend anyone who is looking for personal development assistance or assistance in preparing for a new and more challenging role to seek out Chris as a personal coach. You won’t regret it.

Richard Howes, President and Chief Executive Officer Dundee Precious Metals Inc.

Chris has a tremendous passion for values-based people-focused leadership, is an outstanding and well respected global leader, and has significant natural talent in coaching executives at every level.

His direct experience leading people, performance and learning – coupled with his very high intellectual and emotional intelligence strongly qualify Chris as a certified executive coach.

His results at IHS Accumap as a senior P&L leader and in the areas of organizational development, coaching and motivating performance and improvement are well known within the Calgary energy industry and globally within IHS Corporation.

Jeff Sisson, Senior VP & Chief Human Resources Officer IHS Inc.

My thanks to Lisa Scott for all her help during our sessions together. Her ability to listen to the issues and prompt with the right questions organized my ideas and priorities, drawing focused solutions from within my own thought process. This provides strong self-confidence moving forward.

Todd Thorimbert REV Engineering Ltd.

Lisa, I wanted to tell you that I’m feeling like a changed man this week. I think it’s a combination of the Change your questions book, the Great Feedback course, and the coaching that you’ve given me over the last year. 

Ed Chow, VP Support & Services Seisware International Inc.

I believe that Chris’ successful business background, coupled with his collaborative approach to coaching, positions him well to be one of the top Executive Coaches in Calgary.

Kurtis Grenkow, Human Resources & Organization Manager Saipem Canada

I met with Chris one on one for leadership development during the first year and a half after I took on the senior leadership role for the Petroleum Services Association of Canada. It was the right thing to do. Chris’s style of listening, interjecting, challenging and mentoring provided the absolute perfect blend to inspire conversation, self-reflection and insight into my abilities or lack thereof. I will continue to meet with Chris as required and highly recommend Chris for others seeking to gain a higher degree of professionalism and understanding for what it means to lead effectively in today’s workplace.

Mark Salkeld, President & CEO Petroleum Services Association of Canada

Lisa engaged me in active evaluation of my own thoughts and I left every session with a sense of empowerment. She uses her broad experiences as an executive as a foundation for focused seeking in conversations with clients. Her ability to be vested in my explorations kept me continually accountable to my process and ultimately experiencing success in my development as an entrepreneur.

Lesly D., Principle Fresh Concepts

Chris was an excellent business leader and that makes him a wonderful coach.

Karen Stolz, President Leadership Insights Inc.

I found Lisa’s approach to coaching to not only be objective, professional and independent as you would expect from this type of service, I also found Lisa also brought a very human and personal side to the coaching experience. Lisa took the time to get to know me as a person and she also gave me insight into myself and how I approach situations.

I believe the greatest benefit I received from my coaching experience is that Lisa gave me the tools to analyze situations, consider all parties involved, determine what the underlying issues are and what the desired outcomes are. These tools have allowed me to then determine my best course of action.

I would highly recommend Lisa’s coaching and given the opportunity, I would continue with LeaderSharp’s services.

Caroline Jensen, CGA

Lisa’s coaching style is very personable and encouraging while giving different insights to deal with various issues. Coaching with Lisa has really helped me learn how to approach people and resolve challenges when it comes to different personalities that I work with. It has also helped communicate more effectively while being open to understanding other people’s ideas and perspectives. Coaching has also helped me think of who may be impacted and how to approach others with my ideas, actions, and goals.

I would absolutely recommend Lisa Scott to others. She has great knowledge and has been a great support in my personal and professional growth.

Marco Mejia, VP Planning & Engineering

Our series of sessions together involved frank, focused and meaningful discussions the like of which I had rarely experienced with close friends or work colleagues. The result provided surprising insight into challenging issues and I was delighted at the new ideas & strategies that emerged to improve my work efficiency as well as tackle other challenging areas in my professional and personal life.

Senior Geoscientist Oil and Gas Industry, Calgary

I was impressed how quickly Chris was able to understand our organizations objectives and recognize the challenges at hand. Through coaching, Chris has helped me differentiate between symptoms and core issues. He routinely suggests tools and strategies and then challenges me to utilize them. My time with Chris has allowed me to gain focus, clarity and become increasingly effective manager. The implementation of these skills has made a significant contribution to our organization achieving four times growth in the past year.

Patrick Pidgeon, VP Sales Oil & Gas Services, Calgary Oil & Gas Services, Calgary

“Lisa did a fantastic job. I think my whole team left feeling positive and appreciative about each other and what they learned. I personally found this session to be so beneficial to help me better understand how to meet the challenges my team has faced and will face in the future. I am still seeing positive effects from our session last week, and we are already incorporating the language and ideas into discussions. I also love the online resource!”  

Loanne Benner, Support Services Supervisor SAIT Everything DiSC® Participant

It is with pleasure that I recommend the Great Feedback program delivered by Chris and Lisa with LeaderSharp. The two day program is one of the best hands on learning experiences I have taken to date.

Mark Salkeld, President & CEO Petroleum Services Association of Canada

Chris, I want you to know how much I appreciate the path you are helping me travel.  You have supported me in defining the direction and accelerating the journey.  It is truly exciting, exhilarating, and transformational. The questions you have asked; the resources you have brought; and the caring compassion with which you have provided, all of this are a great model of how to coach for me.  Thank you.

Greg Honey, Executive Vice-President and CHRO Farm Credit Canada