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“I’m just about to start the journey home, but wanted to pause for a moment and thank you both for creating an amazing learning experience for me this week in lovely North Vancouver. I hope you both appreciate how amazing you are at creating a safe, open and collaborative environment that allows everyone to turn up and still be conscious of how they can keep developing. It’s a great gift."

The Leadership Circle™ 2019 Participant

“I am sitting in my room glowing from the week. This week was different and it has taken a quiet moment to figure out why. Here it is: I was not judged. Having taken several programs this was possibly the first time the facilitators were "cool" with who I was - no judgement. I know that sounds hard to believe, but I truly felt ok to own my past. Thank you. I hope you are fully aware of how genuine you present yourself, because it creates an impactful and safe environment - and you make it seems like it’s no big deal. This is rare in my experience."

The Leadership Circle™ 2018 Participant

"Sincere thanks.  I am so very grateful to you for everything you put into this week, the space you held, and the generous spirit of both the facilitation and administration of our learning.  What a special community of practice--something I know that you hear often, but is worth repeating."

The Leadership Circle™ 2018 Participant

“Thanks again Lisa, you were wonderfully real, grounded , warm and authentic. Excellent facilitation today!"

Executive Team, Canadian Banking and Financial Industry

“Lisa did a fantastic job. I think my whole team left feeling positive and appreciative about each other and what they learned. I personally found this session to be so beneficial to help me better understand how to meet the challenges my team has faced and will face in the future. I am still seeing positive effects from our session last week, and we are already incorporating the language and ideas into discussions. I also love the online resource!”  

Loanne Benner, Support Services Supervisor SAIT Everything DiSC® Participant

The team effectiveness work we did with Chris and Lisa was stressful in the beginning because our team was not used to having such open dialogue and holding each other accountable. We stuck with the process though and soon realized that we were doing exactly what we needed to do to address some long standing issues on our team. If we hadn’t done this work, we would have lost some key people in our company.

Ed VanWieren, CEO, & Murray Brack, COO SeisWare International Inc.

The Great Feedback Formula and the Coach Approach are significant tools for any manager's toolbox. I would strongly recommend this training for anyone hoping to enhance their feedback skills for either personal or professional purposes.

Dianna Drews, Director, Catholic Social Services Catholic Social Services

I think that one of the main reasons that I found the information useful is that I really felt like Lisa and Chris believed everything they were speaking. The fact that they believe in it makes the group believe in it. I have mentioned this training to friends and family and would recommend it for anyone working in a diverse team.

Team Effectiveness Workshop Participant DOW Chemical

This course was outstanding and should be mandatory!

SAIT Great Feedback Participant SAIT Great Feedback Participant

I found the Insights workshop a great learning experience for confirming self awareness of who you are as well as for generating awareness of those you work with. I strongly believe this information can be used to improve working relationships and build good teams for any organization. Just the right amount of knowledge transfer from a very insightful and capable instructor. Thanks Lisa for a great day!

Donald M. Dart, Vice President, Finance & Corporate Services Alberta College of Art & Design

As an organization, we only bring who we consider to be the highest quality facilitators in to provide development to our leaders. The fact that Chris and Lisa also developed the material makes it that much easier to bring them in repeatedly.

Hillary Rideout Encana

Chris and Lisa worked together to customize their Great Feedback workshop to suit the needs of our Management Team.  The workshop was a great mix of theory, active learning, and quick reference tools which really resonated with the group. Our Management Team walked away with practical solutions and increased confidence for having difficult and developmental conversations in the workplace.

Kelsey Poxon, CHRP, Corporate Human Resources Manager Midwest Surveys Inc.

I feel very grateful to of had the opportunity to take the Coaching Skills for Leaders and Internal Coaches course. The instructors, Lisa, and Michéle were knowledgeable, passionate, and excellent coaches. I learned new skills to utilize at work and outside of work that will benefit me immensely for the rest of my life. I would 100% recommend hiring LeaderSharp Group to help you with your business needs.

Hilary German, Marketing & Communications SeisWare International Inc.

It is with pleasure that I recommend the Great Feedback program delivered by Chris and Lisa with LeaderSharp. The two day program is one of the best hands on learning experiences I have taken to date.

Mark Salkeld, President & CEO Petroleum Services Association of Canada

Our level of effectiveness has significantly increased right from our meetings, to our cohesion, shared purpose and trust. With the foundation that Chris and Lisa have helped us build, we are now firmly positioned to strategically grow the company and expand internationally. 

Ed VanWieren, CEO, & Murray Brack, COO SeisWare International Inc.

On behalf of the 2015 IPLS committee, I would like to thank LeaderSharp for their excellent and engaging workshop “How to Hold Conversations That Matter” at our 2015 conference.  Their interactive presentation style was refreshing and full of energy.  Lisa and Chris worked hard to provide content that was well suited to our group, and our attendees’ responses were very positive!  The subject matter was relevant, with specific steps given to help turn knowledge into action.  As a committee, we thoroughly enjoyed working with LeaderSharp – Lisa and Chris are professional, but also fun and approachable. We have recommended our incumbent committee to make LeaderSharp the keynote presenter at the 2016 conference.  

Katie Hobday, IPLS Conference 2015 Mercuria Commodities Canada Corporation

Chris met with my senior team and developed a one day session for us that proved to be a significant turning point in the senior leadership relationships, which in turn rippled through the office providing the beginnings of a positive and improved working environment for all.

Mark Salked, President & CEO Petroleum Services Association of Canada

Lisa, thanks very much for a great course/session yesterday. I learned great new ideas on how to plan an effective feedback conversation depending on the situation and also really appreciate how to use the most difficult situations as opportunities to build on trust - powerful ideas; Thank you!

Manager, Regulatory Compliance Encana

Coaching Skills for Leaders and Internal Coaches is a fantastic course and has given me the tools I need to coach effectively. I am more confident as a coach now that I have learned the core competencies.

Michele's and Lisa's passion for coaching clearly shine through in this course. That passion is inspiring. This course will be invaluable in establishing our internal coaching program and a coaching culture in our company.

Ed Chow, VP Support & International Business Development SeisWare

Five years ago the four executives at our company didn’t communicate. We talked, but it wasn’t communication. We knew what the others were going to say, no one was changing their mind, so why argue? The company moved forward in its separate silos and we succeeded in spite of ourselves. We knew it couldn’t last.

So we brought in Chris and Lisa. They took us through the Five Dysfunctions of a Team and highlighted our strengths and weaknesses. Lisa taught us about Crucial Conversations and building the “pool of meaning”. Chris and Lisa came on as coaches for our management team and some of our other key employees.

Today we have our own internal coaching program and a strong commitment to creating a coaching culture at the company. In our meetings we look for the best solution, and don’t tie ourselves to “a sucker’s choice”. From the bottom up, we strive to work as a team and to be open to input from everyone.

I credit Lisa and Chris for a lot of this. They gave us the tools to build the work environment that we wanted. I highly recommend Lisa and Chris for their team building, leadership development, and coaching skills. They will be an asset to any company looking to develop their people and grow.

Ed Chow, Vice President SeisWare International Inc.

In the midst of uncertainty and being uncomfortable comes clarity and insight. Pretty cool experience... A great coach got me to a deeper understanding of myself that will without a doubt benefit me in my growth as a leader. 

Jason Hinchliff, Director, IS Business Office Calgary Oil & Gas Company

"The headline is “Thank you, you are amazing”, and here are all the reasons why..."

Vicki Cotter The Leadership Circle™ Certification Washington Participant

"The facilitation was beautiful - you 2 made the difference. This was more than 'learning a tool'."

The Leadership Circle™ Certification Vancouver Participant

"One of the most valuable parts of the certification was the wisdom and delivery of Chris & Lisa."

The Leadership Circle™ Certification Vancouver Participant

"Thoughtful and innovative teaching. Bravo!"

The Leadership Circle™ Certification Vancouver Participant

"Excellent job Lisa & Chris! Well done!"

Jim Nicholson The Leadership Circle™ Certification Vancouver Participant

"Lisa & Chris presented the information clearly and thoughtfully, they were fantastic."

The Leadership Circle™ Certification Vancouver Participant

"Lisa & Chris are a dynamic duo who facilitated a fun, energetic & heart felt learning experience. I highly recommend!"

Bonnie Wentworth The Leadership Circle™ Certification Vancouver Participant

"Lisa & Chris are a dynamic, fun duo. Thank you!"

The Leadership Circle™ Certification Vancouver Participant

"Both Chris & Lisa firmly believe in the 'why' behind this important work, and this is felt by each of us in an impactful way. The other point around facilitation, their styles complement each other for balance & effectiveness."

Norm Ralph The Leadership Circle™ Certification Vancouver Participant

"Lisa and Chris were amazing facilitators."

The Leadership Circle™ Certification Vancouver Participant

"Lisa & Chris were fantastic facilitators whose passion & belief in this tool is instrumental on the why. Fantastic, rewarding experience."

Caroline Burne The Leadership Circle™ Certification Vancouver Participant

"I really appreciated the quality of their facilitation including their humor, realness, grounded foundation as well as the quality of delivery of material."

The Leadership Circle™ Certification Calgary Participant

"Love how you normalized, were vulnerable in your sharing of your own experiences and a lovely dance between you."

The Leadership Circle™ Certification Calgary Participant

"Excellent partnership & chemistry in presenting."

Denise The Leadership Circle™ Certification Calgary Participant

"Excellent certification. Facilitators were knowledgeable, engaging."

Dayna LeBlanc The Leadership Circle™ Certification Calgary Participant

"They did a great job! Warm. Authentic. Safe. Good hearted."

Tim Davis The Leadership Circle™ Certification Washington Participant

"Chris and Lisa were a fantastic teaching team with complimentary skills & temperaments."

Barry Smith The Leadership Circle™ Certification Washington Participant

I really enjoyed being part of LA's LCS certification with you and Lisa. You do make a great team and I did learn a lot. Thank you for your patience and support as we learn how to offer sustainable solutions to our clients. You are awesome!! 

"I would like to take a moment to thank you again for the space you created for us this week.
I really enjoy my certification journey and appreciate your care, presence and knowledge."

The Leadership Circle™ Los Angeles Participant