Ed Chow, Vice President

Five years ago the four executives at our company didn’t communicate. We talked, but it wasn’t communication. We knew what the others were going to say, no one was changing their mind, so why argue? The company moved forward in its separate silos and we succeeded in spite of ourselves. We knew it couldn’t last.

So we brought in Chris and Lisa. They took us through the Five Dysfunctions of a Team and highlighted our strengths and weaknesses. Lisa taught us about Crucial Conversations and building the “pool of meaning”. Chris and Lisa came on as coaches for our management team and some of our other key employees.

Today we have our own internal coaching program and a strong commitment to creating a coaching culture at the company. In our meetings we look for the best solution, and don’t tie ourselves to “a sucker’s choice”. From the bottom up, we strive to work as a team and to be open to input from everyone.

I credit Lisa and Chris for a lot of this. They gave us the tools to build the work environment that we wanted. I highly recommend Lisa and Chris for their team building, leadership development, and coaching skills. They will be an asset to any company looking to develop their people and grow.

Ed Chow, Vice President
SeisWare International Inc.