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Leadership Coaching

Executive coaching is a powerful development partnership for leaders at any level. Whether a C-Suite executive or first time team lead. 

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Leadership Training

We create and deliver leadership development courses. We also use world class leadership development tools.

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Leadership Consulting

We offer management consulting, advisory and facilitation services by experienced business leaders for both operational and strategic issues. 

The Leadership Circle™

The Leadership Circle Profile™

The Leadership Circle Profile™

The remarkable leadership effectiveness assessment based on the Universal Model of Leadership™.

Leadership Culture Survey™

Leadership Culture Survey™

A team assessment that tells you how you view your current leadership team effectiveness and compares it to the effectiveness you require.

The Leadership System™

The Leadership System™

The Leadership System™ is a unique leadership development program designed to increase collective leadership effectiveness.

What Clients Say

“Lisa did a fantastic job. I think my whole team left feeling positive and appreciative about each other and what they learned. I personally found this session to be so beneficial to help me better understand how to meet the challenges my team has faced and will face in the future. I am still seeing positive effects from our session last week, and we are already incorporating the language and ideas into discussions. I also love the online resource!”  

Loanne Benner, Support Services Supervisor SAIT Everything DiSC® Participant

“I am sitting in my room glowing from the week. This week was different and it has taken a quiet moment to figure out why. Here it is: I was not judged. Having taken several programs this was possibly the first time the facilitators were "cool" with who I was - no judgement. I know that sounds hard to believe, but I truly felt ok to own my past. Thank you. I hope you are fully aware of how genuine you present yourself, because it creates an impactful and safe environment - and you make it seems like it’s no big deal. This is rare in my experience."

The Leadership Circle™ 2018 Participant

Our level of effectiveness has significantly increased right from our meetings, to our cohesion, shared purpose and trust. With the foundation that Chris and Lisa have helped us build, we are now firmly positioned to strategically grow the company and expand internationally. 

Ed VanWieren, CEO, & Murray Brack, COO SeisWare International Inc.