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The Nature of Humans:

Personal Growth Through Poetry

By Christopher Jones

The Nature of Humans chronicles a poet's journey; one of self-discovery, and one from criticism, and judgement to compassion and kindness toward the self and others. A journey that unfolds from inner reflection to considerations of relationships, and then embarks into nature.

This collection turns a contemplative eye to unchallenged, negative scripts in our minds that keep us from being our best selves, and that impede our relationships with others. At the same time, it affirms inner worth and inner strength. It reflects on aging and depression as well as the power and presence of love. Just as it turns its gaze to recognize the beauty of nature, it asks us to recognize the beauty within ourselves and held between us. Encouraging thoughtful reflection on the self and the world, The Nature of Humans is a poetry collection accessible to those new to poetry as well as long-time readers. Chris offers a road to self-discovery and transformation, marking the path with words of inspiration.

Great Feedback:

How to Hold Coaching Conversations

Great Feedback is a transformative new approach to workplace feedback for the simple reason that it will teach you how to use simple coaching skills in performance conversations. Chris Jones and Lisa Scott are experienced business leaders and certified executive coaches accredited with the International Coach Federation. They are trained experts at holding highly effective conversations by creating enough safety and trust to talk candidly about difficult developmental issues. These coaching skills are embedded into the unique Great Feedback conversation to make a Coach Approach the proven answer to this longstanding business problem.

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