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Master the Art of Constructive Feedback

Have you noticed the phenomenon of individuals joining a company they love and connect with, only to leave due to an issue with their manager?

This is because managers often lack the necessary skills and confidence to establish positive relationships through meaningful conversations. Particularly in the case of performance reviews and feedback, managers often struggle to articulate their thoughts and team members are left dreading what should be honest and constructive conversations.

There is a growing desire for ongoing feedback and coaching rather than once-a-year performance reviews. That’s why LeaderSharp Group developed Great Feedback™, an experiential training for managers at any level.

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Outcomes of Great Feedback™

Effective Coaching
and Development Conversations

Great Feedback™ paves the way for better coaching and development conversations by fostering open and constructive dialogue. The outcomes are continuous growth and more meaningful exchanges that drive success.

Improved Performance,
Motivation and Engagement

When managers provide timely, constructive feedback, they inspire others and foster a sense of ownership in team members. The result is enhanced performance and greater commitment to organizational goals.

Higher Retention
of Valued Employees

Great Feedback™ plays a pivotal role in retaining valued employees. Recognizing and addressing individual needs, providing growth-oriented input, and fostering a supportive environment cultivate a sense of fulfillment, loyalty, and job satisfaction.

Greater Productivity
and Organizational Effectiveness

By offering clear direction, highlighting areas for improvement, and fostering a culture of continuous learning, managers can inspire and optimize performance on both individual and team levels. Greater engagement and productivity always lead to more success.

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The Power of Great Feedback™ Conversations

Key Elements of Constructive Feedback

In order to be effective, constructive feedback should be specific, timely, and relevant to the situation.

Balancing praise and areas for improvement will also help employees feel motivated and empowered. At LeaderSharp, our certified executive coaches provide expert leadership training to managers. If you notice engagement and motivation declining and increased turnover rates in your organization, you may want to consider Great Feedback™ by LeaderSharp.

Creating a Culture of Feedback

Creating a feedback-friendly environment involves building trust, fostering safety, and promoting a growth mindset.

When managers are defensive, narrow-minded or avoid coaching conversations, employees lose trust and motivation and become defensive in return. Encouraging communication, active listening, and respectful dialogue cultivates an atmosphere where feedback is valued. Celebrating learning opportunities nurtures a culture that embraces feedback as a catalyst for growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Active listening plays a crucial role in providing feedback. It involves fully engaging with the speaker, paying attention to their words, tone, and non-verbal cues. Active listening demonstrates respect, empathy, and understanding, creating a safe and open space for the exchange of feedback. By actively listening during feedback conversations, you enhance communication, foster meaningful connections, and increase the likelihood of positive outcomes and growth.

Delivering constructive feedback in a positive and impactful manner can involve the following strategies:


  • Start with a positive note
  • Use specific examples
  • Focus on behavior, not the person
  • Be objective and descriptive
  • Offer suggestions and solutions
  • Foster a two-way dialogue
  • Maintain a supportive tone
  • Demonstrate empathy and understanding
  • Follow-up and support


Great Feedback™ by LeaderSharp can help leaders develop these strategies and deliver constructive feedback in a way that promotes growth, maintains a positive relationship, and maximizes the impact of the feedback on individual development and performance.

Most managers and employees dislike formal performance reviews, and many research studies have proven them ineffective. Frequent and ongoing feedback conversations, on the other hand, promote growth, drive performance improvement, enhance self-awareness, build trust and collaboration, align expectations and goals, and encourage a learning culture. By providing valuable insights and guidance, feedback conversations help individuals identify areas for development, adjust their behavior, and improve their overall effectiveness.