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Mental Well-Being & Psychological Safety in the Workplace

Thriving in the workplace isn’t possible unless your mental and physical health are also thriving. LeaderSharp associate Mae Kroeis is passionate about creating supportive workplaces where every person is empowered to thrive and take action. Our approach is evidence-based and focused on the importance of setting and environment. Creating a healthy organization in every aspect is possible. Let’s achieve it together.

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Helping Leaders & Professionals Live Longer & Better

One thing we can all agree on is health matters. In order to work at peak performance and enjoy life to the fullest, we must pay attention to our health.

It can be so frustrating when your health stands in the way of helping you achieve your greatest potential. That’s where Dr. Sarah Clouthier comes in. ​Sarah is a board-certified integrative medicine physician with years of experience in preventative and executive health. She is passionate about helping professionals get to the bottom of their health issues so they feel better, have more energy and love their lives.

At LeaderSharp, we are passionate about transformative leadership, so it makes sense that we’d be passionate about transformative health and wellness. To do your best, you must feel your best. Let’s get you on the path.

Dr. Sarah Can Help You:

Get to the Root Cause

Through specialized testing, discover the underlying causes of symptoms you are experiencing and build a customized plan to help resolve them.

Avoid Future Illness

Be proactive and make the necessary lifestyle changes to reduce the risk of illness down the road, especially if you have certain diseases in the family.

Optimize Health

Support your mind, body and spirit to feel your best, with vibrant health, so that you can do what matters most in both your work and family life.

The Hidden Toll

As a leader, you likely face daily stress, competing demands and never-ending responsibilities. These can take a toll on your body and lead to unhealthy habits. Maybe you’re sitting more, over-working and not eating as well, and the stress is starting to show.

The truth is many leaders and professionals are experiencing sub-optimal health, which can impact both work performance and personal enjoyment. You may even feel held back by your health. Symptoms like low energy, brain fog, poor sleep, digestive issues, stress and anxiety can impact all areas of life and are signs of deeper issues needing your attention.

Unfortunately, the current medical system isn’t designed to support busy professionals in getting to the bottom of their illnesses and facilitating true, lasting healing.

A Unique Approach to Health

This is where Dr. Clouthier specializes. Her unique investigative approach gets to the root causes impacting your health to create lasting change so you can achieve even greater success.

Sarah addresses each person’s mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical aspects, creating the synergy needed to achieve optimal health. As a client, you receive a customized health plan that integrates the best of conventional medicine, herbal medicine, mind-body medicine, and lifestyle medicine, as well as cutting edge science and technology and complementary approaches such as acupuncture and equine healing.

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Meet Dr. Sarah Clouthier

If you are facing health concerns and haven’t found the answers you need, or want to avoid future illness, connect with Dr. Clouthier today for a discovery call. Her transformational programs get to your unique root causes, so you can truly transform your health and take life to the next level.

Is Your Health Holding You Back? We Have the Answer.

Frequently Asked Questions

The ideal time is six months, although I will discuss the length of time best for you. Six months gives us time to do the upfront detailed health history, and order and receive results from the investigative testing. We also build a customized plan for you and methodically bring the pieces of it into practice, giving your body time to adjust and be fully supported along the way.

I work in conjunction with your family doctor, if you have one. Given the structure of our current medical system, your family doctor may not have the time to go deeper into discovering the root cause of symptoms. Or they may focus on a medication or diagnosis for a specific set of symptoms, whereas I am looking at the whole person and seeking solutions that bring all parts of you together – mind, body and spirit. There is benefit to both perspectives and I seek to complement the work of family doctors.

My services are considered private health services, and are not part of the public health system. They may be covered by your insurance company under a health spending account.

This is different person-to-person and depends on the underlying causes. For some people, the supplement and lifestyle recommendations I make can help ease symptoms very quickly. For others with more complex issues, it may take more time. Either way, your health and life are worth it!