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Our seasoned Human Resources consultants are dedicated to helping your company optimize its HR and OD strategies to drive organizational excellence.

The success of organizations is built through their amazing people, which is dependent on the systems, tools, and talent programs (engagement, development, performance, succession, selection) that support them. Often HR/OD programs are built to meet a specific need within the organization but can feel fractured and illogical when combined with other programs. We specialize in creating, redesigning or tweaking talent programs that support organizations to excel and make sense to the end user. The solutions that we work with you to create are backed by research and integrate into your organization’s processes and are consistent across the organization. The result is sustainable talent programs that re-enforce your strategy and purpose, and support people in your organization living up to their potential.

Whether you need assistance with talent management, employee engagement, succession planning, or any other HR challenge, we have the expertise and experience to guide you toward success.

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The Outcomes of HR Consultancy Services

Strategic Alignment​

Consult with LeaderSharp to ensure your HR/OD practices and strategies are aligned with your overall organizational goals and objectives. An aligned workforce is a productive workforce.

Employee Engagement​

Through tailored strategies and initiatives, HR/OD consulting enhances employee engagement, satisfaction, and motivation, resulting in higher levels of productivity and performance.

Risk Mitigation​

Remain 100% compliant with relevant labour laws and regulations. HR/OD consulting can help your organization navigate compliance requirements and minimize legal risks.

Culture Transformation​

Enhance individual accountability by providing a clear framework that links individual contributions to organizational goals. Strategic planning can help leaders foster a culture of ownership, driving individuals to be clear on expectations and focused on achieving results.

Data-Driven Decisions​

As you develop a plan for your organization, a cohesive and compelling strategic alignment will emerge to drive organizational success. When goals are aligned with individual roles and objectives, the results are enhanced collaboration and greater efficiency.

Continuous Improvement​

Develop repeatable processes to update the strategic plan annually by establishing clear timelines and conducting thorough evaluations. This iterative approach ensures the plan remains relevant, adaptable, and responsive to evolving business needs.

More Leadership Consulting Options

Tailored HR Consulting Solutions

Talent Management
and Development

The goal of any HR department should be to increase employee engagement and satisfaction, fostering a positive, inclusive, and enjoyable culture for all individuals and teams. Our HR and OD consultants excel in developing strategies to enhance employee satisfaction, which leads to more engagement. We help you cultivate a culture of collaboration, innovation, and inclusivity, resulting in a highly engaged workforce that drives organizational performance.

Succession Planning

Succession planning is a strategic process that identifies and develops high-potential individuals within an organization to assume key leadership roles in the future. At LeaderSharp, we offer a number of leadership training and development courses to help shape and prepare future leaders. Effective succession planning can help to ensure continuity and minimize disruptions by proactively preparing a pipeline of talent to fill critical positions when the need arises.

Performance Management

Performance management is a process that aligns individual and team goals with organizational objectives, facilitating ongoing feedback, coaching, and evaluation. Performance management is the basis of employee development, accountability, engagement, and productivity. Performance management implementation involves setting clear expectations, providing regular communication, recognizing achievements, and addressing areas for improvement in a fair and constructive manner.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When employees feel heard, respected, and safe to engage, productivity increases, but so does overall job satisfaction. If turnover has been or is becoming a significant issue for your organization, there are a number of possible reasons. We complete various assessments and evaluations to determine the root cause and help your team implement effective communication strategies and develop talent management programs that foster a positive and fulfilling work environment.

The length of a typical engagement varies based on your organization’s specific needs. We’re here to help for as long as you need, from a few weeks to several months. Our team will work closely with you to determine the appropriate timeline and ensure that we meet your organization’s objective and you’re on track to meet your desired outcomes.

Leaders provide the vision, support, and commitment needed to drive change and implement HR strategies effectively. They communicate the importance of HR priorities, ensuring that they align with organizational goals. Their involvement and commitment set the tone for the organization and create an environment that fosters engagement, collaboration, and a positive impact on the workforce.