What our clients are saying about us


“I have had the privilege to work with Chris for a year and during that time I have come to respect not only his deep expertise and mindful coaching abilities, but also the core values he exudes that make him such a highly capable leadership development coach.

His coaching has enabled me to explore the breadth and depth of leading developmental practices. The coaching with Chris has had a profoundly positive impact on me, and therefore on others around me, both in my professional and personal life. He has helped me find a new edge to my personal growth that no other would have so expertly enabled.

 Without doubt, I would highly recommend working with Chris on your leadership development needs.”  

Nick Freeman, Manager Strategic Change Office Alberta Energy Regulator

I’ve gained the conviction to become a more purposeful leader with the help of Lisa’s coaching. I’ve learned that I can lead in my own style and still support the other leaders in the company who have different leadership styles.

Working with Lisa has not only changed my path at the company, it has also changed my path in life.

Ed Chow, VP Support & International Business Development Seisware International Inc.

In the midst of uncertainty and being uncomfortable comes clarity and insight. Pretty cool experience... A great coach got me to a deeper understanding of myself that will without a doubt benefit me in my growth as a leader. 

Jason Hinchliff, Director, IS Business Office Calgary Oil & Gas Company


“I’m just about to start the journey home, but wanted to pause for a moment and thank you both for creating an amazing learning experience for me this week in lovely North Vancouver. I hope you both appreciate how amazing you are at creating a safe, open and collaborative environment that allows everyone to turn up and still be conscious of how they can keep developing. It’s a great gift."

The Leadership Circle™ 2019 Participant

“I am sitting in my room glowing from the week. This week was different and it has taken a quiet moment to figure out why. Here it is: I was not judged. Having taken several programs this was possibly the first time the facilitators were "cool" with who I was - no judgement. I know that sounds hard to believe, but I truly felt ok to own my past. Thank you. I hope you are fully aware of how genuine you present yourself, because it creates an impactful and safe environment - and you make it seems like it’s no big deal. This is rare in my experience."

The Leadership Circle™ 2018 Participant

"Sincere thanks.  I am so very grateful to you for everything you put into this week, the space you held, and the generous spirit of both the facilitation and administration of our learning.  What a special community of practice--something I know that you hear often, but is worth repeating."

The Leadership Circle™ 2018 Participant


"Thank you for your contributions on what I think was an invaluable exercise for everyone.  I now appreciate more than ever that we will all cherish what we established today because its obvious we all hold our company’s values so closely. A special thanks to Chris and LeaderSharp for the fantastic moderation, it exceeded my expectations. Congratulations on building such a bold Company."

Mike George, President & CEO Steelhaus Technologies Inc. Steelhaus Technologies Inc.

Our level of effectiveness has significantly increased right from our meetings, to our cohesion, shared purpose and trust. With the foundation that Chris and Lisa have helped us build, we are now firmly positioned to strategically grow the company and expand internationally. 

Ed VanWieren, CEO, & Murray Brack, COO SeisWare International Inc.

The intent was to improve overall business performance by developing a Core Purpose, Vision and Strategic Plan. I believe the success was due to the input and experience of Chris in terms of the tools and excellent facilitation skills.  Chris is amazing at delivery and explanation of the steps.  Chris drew on his keen EQi and excellent sense of needed input, as well as his business savviness. Feedback from staff indicated that the Strategic Planning Sessions were highly worthwhile and would add business performance improvements and value.

Chris Meloche, Senior Manager, Upstream Environmental Operations Husky Energy Inc.