What our clients are saying about us


I’ve gained the conviction to become a more purposeful leader with the help of Lisa’s coaching. I’ve learned that I can lead in my own style and still support the other leaders in the company who have different leadership styles.

Working with Lisa has not only changed my path at the company, it has also changed my path in life.

Ed Chow, VP Support & International Business Development Seisware International Inc.

In the midst of uncertainty and being uncomfortable comes clarity and insight. Pretty cool experience... A great coach got me to a deeper understanding of myself that will without a doubt benefit me in my growth as a leader. 

Jason Hinchliff, Director, IS Business Office Calgary Oil & Gas Company

Chris has instilled in me a genuine desire to become an even better leader and a genuine desire to create even better business results. I found Chris’s approach to be natural and authentic.

Tilak Nithiyeswaran, Thermal Asset Manager, Heavy Oil and Gas Husky Energy Inc.


The team effectiveness work we did with Chris and Lisa was stressful in the beginning because our team was not used to having such open dialogue and holding each other accountable. We stuck with the process though and soon realized that we were doing exactly what we needed to do to address some long standing issues on our team. If we hadn’t done this work, we would have lost some key people in our company.

Ed VanWieren, CEO, & Murray Brack, COO SeisWare International Inc.

The Great Feedback Formula and the Coach Approach are significant tools for any manager's toolbox. I would strongly recommend this training for anyone hoping to enhance their feedback skills for either personal or professional purposes.

Dianna Drews, Director, Catholic Social Services Catholic Social Services

I think that one of the main reasons that I found the information useful is that I really felt like Lisa and Chris believed everything they were speaking. The fact that they believe in it makes the group believe in it. I have mentioned this training to friends and family and would recommend it for anyone working in a diverse team.

Team Effectiveness Workshop Participant DOW Chemical


Our level of effectiveness has significantly increased right from our meetings, to our cohesion, shared purpose and trust. With the foundation that Chris and Lisa have helped us build, we are now firmly positioned to strategically grow the company and expand internationally. 

Ed VanWieren, CEO, & Murray Brack, COO SeisWare International Inc.

The intent was to improve overall business performance by developing a Core Purpose, Vision and Strategic Plan. I believe the success was due to the input and experience of Chris in terms of the tools and excellent facilitation skills.  Chris is amazing at delivery and explanation of the steps.  Chris drew on his keen EQi and excellent sense of needed input, as well as his business savviness. Feedback from staff indicated that the Strategic Planning Sessions were highly worthwhile and would add business performance improvements and value.

Chris Meloche, Senior Manager, Upstream Environmental Operations Husky Energy Inc.

In attempt to heighten cohesion and build team spirit, we called on Lisa for a two day Insights/Team Building session. Lisa’s facilitation was fun, energetic, raw, and helped to determine the “root cause” for a number of underlying issues. After the two day session, the results were almost immediate. Lisa followed up frequently over the next few months to check on the groups progress and was always available for coaching and mentoring. It was apparent she genuinely cared about the success of the group. Lisa was able to provide tangible results. In areas we once struggled as a team we experienced 90%+ improvement. As a team we are much more aligned, happy, and appreciate one another’s role on the team. The results of the session were significant and to a very large extent, priceless.

Human Resources Business Partner MEG Energy