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Do you want to improve your team’s performance? Our group and team coaching programs create a transformative process that unleashes the latent potential of individuals working together.

By harnessing the collective intelligence and diverse perspectives of team members, our programs ignite a synergy that propels organizations toward innovative and strategic goals and outcomes. While our leadership coaching has been proven to be effective for individual executives, managers, and team leads, our team coaching offers a cost-effective approach for team members with a common interest and a similar starting point. At LeaderSharp, our Certified Executive Coaches are accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF) at the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) level.

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Outcomes of Group & Team Coaching

Improved Unity
and Teamwork

By fostering trust, collaboration, and mutual respect and accountability, our coaches empower teams to move past individual limitations and achieve a new level of unity and creative teamwork. Unified teams are more agile and forward-thinking.

Better Problem-
Solving Skills​

Group coaching offers the unique opportunity to learn from the experiences of others. Coaches guide groups through problem-solving scenarios, and participants are led to expand their mindsets while considering alternative methods for overcoming obstacles.

More Attuned

Good leaders know how to make decisions, but great leaders empower team members to make decisions for themselves. Guiding teams through the decision-making process, our coaches encourage critical thought and proactive problem-solving.

Strengthened Alignment to Team Goals

When a team works together toward a common goal, amazing things can happen. When working with teams, we recognize that individuals have different roles and responsibilities that allow for the collective actualization of organizational objectives.

Deepened Relationships
and Conflict Resolution

Our team coaching modality enables individuals to thrive in a dynamic ecosystem, even amidst productive conflict. One of the most rewarding outcomes of our program is the deepened connection that serves to unite teams. These relationships elevate performance both individually and collectively.

Enhanced Team Performance

Coaching is a catalyst for enhanced performance. Improved teamwork, problem-solving, decision-making, goal-setting, and conflict resolution are essential for functional teams. As teams leverage these strengths, they are empowered to achieve collective excellence.

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Group Coaching vs. Team Coaching

Group Coaching

Group coaching differs from team coaching and typically focuses on individual development and growth within the context of a group. In a group coaching environment, coaches are responsible for creating a climate of trust and confidentiality so that individual members can all contribute while still feeling heard. For the most part, group members set individual goals while being coached on a common topic.

Who Can Benefit From Group Coaching

Team Coaching

The goal of team coaching is to strengthen the team as a collective while nurturing individual capabilities and strengths. Team coaching can also be a catalyst in creating new habits of high-performing teams and, inherent in the process of coaching, is a focus on self-awareness, goal setting, accountability, and taking action together.

Who Can Benefit From Team Coaching

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Frequently Asked Questions

A group is a collection of potentially unconnected individuals seeking to partake in a collective learning experience. While members of a group may not share a common goal, they may find common ground through shared interests despite varying backgrounds, communities, or even companies. A group coaching environment can therefore serve as an engaging platform for individuals to immerse themselves in an atmosphere where diverse perspectives converge and collaborative dialogue blossoms.

An organizational team has a common purpose and may have both formal and informal leadership. Examples include management teams, workgroups, committees, boards, or project teams. Teams represent a symphony of individuals in varying roles and responsibilities that work together to attain common goals. While teams may be physically disconnected, particularly with work-from-home trends on the rise, teams leverage technology and communication channels to cultivate a shared sense of purpose.

Our highly experienced Certified Executive Coaches work with groups and teams to establish a direction for the coaching sessions. Directives are established based on the common goal of a team or the common interest of a group. Individual sessions may have a unique focus while the ultimate outcomes remain the same. Participants are encouraged to bring talking points, questions, and potential problems to share with the group so that coaches can take a more personalized and customized approach.

At LeaderSharp Group, we recommend two transformationnal team assessments. The first is The Five Behaviors® of a Cohesive Team. The second is The Leadership Circle’s Collective Leadership Assessment. Both are team self-assessments and create compelling reasons to change and grow together.