Who We Are

leadership coaching

Our Core Purpose Is:

The World Needs Better Leaders

Our Vision is:

We will advance the development of generative leadership for a complex and ever-changing world.

Our Values
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Being of Service

We openly co-create an impactful experience of growth and development with every leader, team and organization we partner with, supporting a whole transformation of leaders at all levels.

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The Art of Possibility

Our minds are open, and our hearts filled with hope, enthusiasm, and optimism for the future. We seek to contribute to something that is bigger than ourselves. We passionately believe in the potential of each other and our clients and hold everyone as capable, resourceful and whole.

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A Love of Learning

We embrace a lifelong pursuit of learning to continuously evolve and transform ourselves. When we fail, we fail forward and learn. We are curious about ourselves, about others, and about the world. We believe that the best version of ourselves and our clients is yet to be developed.

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Every Conversation is an Opportunity

We practice clear and effective communication with full transparency, compassion and candor. We do this with an open heart, an open mind, curiosity and deep listening. We create a psychologically safe space for all levels of conversation to occur with each other and our clients.

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Better Together

We continuously strive to act as a cohesive, collaborative and caring team by supporting each other with generosity and fairness. We smile, we laugh, we seek the fun in changing the world. We practice unconditional positive regard for one another by offering trust, building trust, and being trustworthy and we treat everyone equitably with honesty and integrity.

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Distinctly Unique

We are intentionally different. We continually challenge the status quo and embrace our uniqueness and ingenuity. We lean in with courage to be true to ourselves, accept risk, and fearlessly create change for the possibility of a better tomorrow. The work and conversations we engage in have depth; encompassing the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual components of what it means to be human and nurture the environment we live in.

Why LeaderSharp Group
Selected As One of the Top 10 Leadership Development Companies in Canada
​​Executives and HR managers hire us to help managers become better leaders and communicators. We have a track record of success transforming managers and teams into high performing leaders by increasing their self-awareness, changing their behaviors and helping them get out of their own way.