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As we aim to elevate the leaders of tomorrow and provide effective leadership development programs, we recognize that there is not a single solution that works for every leader in every company or organization.

At LeaderSharp, we design and tailor custom leadership training programs that address the unique needs and aspirations of your organization, empowering your leaders to reach new heights of success. We collaborate closely with your team to understand your goals, culture, and challenges. Together, we can develop a comprehensive program that integrates cutting-edge leadership assessments, practical skill-building exercises, and real-world application for a solution that is definitely not one-size-fits-all. You can also browse our Course Catalogue for workshops and coach-led programs, with topics ranging from Working With Others to Creating a Learning Culture.

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Benefits of Choosing a Custom Leadership Training Program

Have Your Exact Requirements Met

A custom leadership program ensures that your specific objectives, challenges, and goals are addressed, resulting in a highly impactful and personalized learning experience. Achieve the outcome you want with a custom course from LeaderSharp.

Co-Create Your Ideal Leadership Program

Collaborate with our team to design a leadership program that aligns with your organization’s culture, values, and developmental needs pulling from your expertise in the field and our experience with leadership training.

Align Your Program With Your Strategic Plan

Integrate your strategic objectives into the program content, ensuring that the leadership development your team invests in will directly support and drive your organization’s success. Develop leaders at any level in line with your targets and goals.

Focus Only on the Topics Your Team Needs

Many of the programs we design are comprehensive in nature, but maybe your team needs something a little more simple or narrow focused. Eliminate irrelevant content and focus solely on the leadership topics and skills that your team requires to enable immediate implementation.

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Working Together to Customize Leadership Programs

Collaboration is of the highest importance when it comes to creating custom leadership training programs. Our process begins with an in-depth needs assessment, stakeholder interviews, and data analysis to get an accurate and in-depth understanding of your organization's objectives. From there, we work closely with you to co-create a program that aligns with your strategic objectives, leadership competencies, and organizational context.

Identifying Program Outcomes & Components

Teams learn and function differently. When we outline the objectives of your custom leadership program, we consider key components and methodologies, such as interactive workshops, leadership assessments, experiential learning activities, coaching sessions, and ongoing support. This diverse approach ensures a dynamic and engaging learning experience.

Discover Pre-Made Courses That Work For You

In addition to custom leadership training programs, we also offer a range of proprietary LeaderSharp training sessions developed by our experienced coach-facilitators. Our individual sessions combine leadership assessments, workshops, and online elements for real-world experiential learning. Browse our catalogues of more than 40 courses covering a range of topics and talk to our team about customizing or adapting the programs to meet your unique needs.

High Impact
Leadership Training

Whether created by the LeaderSharp team or co-created and customized for your organization, we apply our high impact training model to all of our offerings which combines the four most effective training and facilitation techniques into powerful learning experiences. The four key components of our High Impact Leadership Training are Vertical Development, Client-Relevant, Online Learning, and Leadership Coaching. These elements weave together seamlessly to provide transformational experiences and high-value growth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our custom programs differ from off-the-shelf solutions because they are designed to meet the specific needs, challenges, and goals of your organization. Our custom programs account for your company’s unique culture, your current situation, and the needs of team members. It also fosters greater levels of collaboration with your team and addresses the skills and competencies required for your leaders to excel in their roles and achieve the results that you deem important.

Both! At LeaderSharp Group, we leverage video call programs such as MS Teams and Zoom for virtual training, using breakout rooms and digital whiteboards. While some of the courses we offer are best completed in-person, we can work with you to determine the best method for your team to participate.

We administer best-in-class leadership assessments to help establish a baseline of where your team currently is and identify opportunities for improvement and growth, including:


The Leadership Circle™ Profile unveils the link between behavior and underlying assumptions. It provides valuable insights for transformative growth, groundbreaking change and sustainable development.


The Collective Leadership Assessment is based on the Leadership Circle model and is designed for an intact team, a group of leaders, or entire organizations. The CLA is a comprehensive view of where individuals view current collective leadership effectiveness compared to the desired collective effectiveness. The “gap” between current collective effectiveness and desired instantly reveals development opportunities.


Everything DiSC® is a suite of personal development profiles that assesses individual preferences based on the DiSC® model. Profiles include DiSC Management, Productive Conflict and AgileEQ. See the full set of available profiles here.

Definitely! Our custom leadership programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs and developmental requirements of leaders at different levels within your organization. Whether you are targeting high-potential or emerging leaders, first-time managers, mid-level or senior executives, our programs can be adjusted to address the unique challenges and skills relevant to each leadership level. By adapting the content, exercises, and learning objectives, we ensure that the program resonates with participants at their respective leadership stages, maximizing their growth potential and impact within the organization.