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Leadership coaching is a powerful partnership to help leaders at all levels increase self-awareness, understand their impact on others, build on their strengths, change limiting behaviours, and significantly enhance leadership abilities.

At LeaderSharp, we believe leadership coaching can help individuals to reach their greatest potential and experience personal and professional change. Our programs are often supported by the Leadership Circle Profile™ - the most impactful 360° feedback assessment ever developed. Whether you’re a top-level executive, an aspiring first-time manager, or a leader of a team with lots of potential, leadership coaching has the power to transform you. Our best-in-class business coaching involves perceptive listening, insightful feedback, impactful conversations, compassion, and support. In turn, this requires an openness to change, commitment, prioritization, and optimism from the coachee.

icon be heard
Be Heard
and Understood
icon self awareness
Increase Self-Awareness
and Self-Discovery​
icon recognize limiting
Recognize Limiting Beliefs
and Assumptions​
icon create action
Create an Action Plan to Achieve Specific Goals​
icon find solutions
Find Solutions Through Effective Problem Solving​
icon increase confidence
Increase Your Confidence
and Capabilities​
icon achieve vision
Achieve Your Vision of Who You Want to Be​
icon build strength
Build On Your Strengths and Acknowledge Success​
icon set path
Set a Clear
Path Forward​

The ROI of Leadership Coaching

An investment in coaching is an investment in the future of your leaders and your company.

The highest impact coaching occurs when the coach and coachee work together with courage and commitment to create a strong partnership. While we believe such coaching engenders a transformative shift in leadership efficacy and creates a lasting impact that can be felt across the organization, the process also propels tangible outcomes. Through the cultivation of self-awareness and emotional intelligence, leadership coaching effectively facilitates higher employee engagement and retention. Increasing self-confidence creates enhanced decision-making capabilities. Team or group coaching results in high-performing teams.

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of coaching clients experience an increase in self-confidence

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state that the value of leadership coaching is greater than the money and time invested

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and above is commonly reported as a reliable ROI for leadership coaching

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As a leader, it is important to continuously develop and elevate your competencies in order to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape.
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Taking your leadership skills to the next level will not only allow you to transform your approach, but it will also enable you to expand your mindset and enhance your effectiveness.
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By investing in your leadership development, you are creating an opportunity to become a better leader, to inspire and motivate others, and to elevate your organization.
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Together we can take a step back, evaluate your current skill set, and embark on the journey of evolving to become the best leader you can be.

Leadership Coaching Opportunities

The ICF definition of Executive Coaching is: “Partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential,” and at LeaderSharp, that’s precisely what we do.

The same partnerships we create with individual leaders are just as relevant and transformative for teams and groups of leaders. Coaching a team of leaders at the same time has a multiplying effect on team performance.

The Leadership Circle Profile™ is possibly the most transformational leadership development tool in the world today. The Leadership Circle Profile™ illuminates leader effectiveness by connecting patterns of action with habits of thought.

Getting Started
With Leadership Coaching

The coaching relationship is unlike any other. Your coach is focused on you and fully committed to supporting you to further improve your performance, achieve your goals and maximize your personal and professional potential.

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Come Prepared &
Be Accountable

As you engage in leadership coaching, be prepared to make the coaching sessions a priority in your schedule. Be present, engaged, and prepared with your own goals and objectives for each session.

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Maintain a Solid

Through the course of your coaching engagement, maintain a consistent commitment to the goals you’ve set and to your partnership with your coach. When you commit to an action - follow through.

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Determine Goals &

Work with your coach to establish 3-5 meaningful personal and professional goals. You may also work with your supervisor at work to help in aligning your goals with your company’s priorities.

Making the Most
of Leadership Coaching

Gaining the most value from leadership development requires concerted effort, earned trust, open communication, and consistent commitment from both you and your coach. For maximum impact and to achieve your highest potential, be prepared to:

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Make it a Priority

Making coaching a priority means putting it high on your list but also putting in the time outside of the sessions to reflect deeply and prepare for future conversations. Don’t let coaching become something that falls through the cracks.

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Communicate Openly

Communicate openly and clearly with your coach. Be as open, honest, trusting, vulnerable, courageous and candid as you can be. Share how you really think and feel. The more you give, the more you will receive.

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Come Prepared

As you come prepared to each session with focused energy, completed action items, specific session objectives, and some prepared topics to discuss, you will maximize the time spent with your coach and foster more opportunities for growth.

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Be Receptive

Receive feedback from your coach with grace and openness, and a desire to better understand. As you acknowledge how your behaviours influence others, you’ll be inspired to see your thoughts and actions from a fresh new perspective.

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Take Ownership

Take ownership of your objective, goals, and outcomes. Be intentional about your growth and long-term success, take the initiative, commit, and be engaged. Be honest with yourself and your coach, and have the courage to act.

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Celebrate Success

Don’t forget to acknowledge your progress along the way. Your coach will help! Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are great leaders. Having a clear vision of your future self will help you recognize how far you’ve come and how much further you have to go.

Real Change is Possible

Creating Better Leaders
Across the Country