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LeaderSharp offers a range of leadership consulting services, including Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Organizational Development, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and Change Management.

We have several leadership development and training programs led by certified and experienced coaches, trainers, and facilitators, and our leadership development consulting provides a solution-focused approach. Together, we can help you with a variety of challenges and opportunities.

Learn From Real-World Experience
Create or Refresh Your Mission, Purpose, and Values
Build a Compelling Strategic Plan​
Make More Informed Decisions​
Build a Culture of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Drive Greater Engagement and Performance​

You’re Not Alone on the Path to Leadership Excellence

Our experienced business leaders, coaches, and facilitators were once in your shoes.

At LeaderSharp, the majority of our team were once C-level executives, senior leaders, or managers, just like you. Now, as coaches, trainers and leadership consultants, we’re here to help you achieve higher levels of organizational effectiveness with proven processes methods and tools.

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As a leader, it is important to continuously develop and elevate your competencies in order to keep up with the ever-changing business landscape.
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Taking your leadership skills to the next level will not only allow you to transform your approach, but it will also enable you to expand your mindset and enhance your effectiveness.
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By investing in your leadership development, you are creating an opportunity to become a better leader, to inspire and motivate others, and to elevate your organization.
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Together we can take a step back, evaluate your current skill set, and embark on the journey of evolving to become the best leader you can be.

What We Offer

Receive facilitated guidance for creating an inspiring Vision, Mission, Purpose or Values for your organization. Our expertise lies in designing and facilitating a process that helps leaders engage in meaningful discussion, reach effective decisions, and develop compelling, realistic and actionable plans that position businesses for long-term success.

Whether you currently have limited HR resources or you’re looking for help in a specific area, our HR and operational development consulting is designed to align human resources practices with strategic business objectives. From talent acquisition to succession planning to performance management, let us know how and where we can help.

What if your health didn’t hold you back from achieving your greatest potential? Get to the bottom of your health concerns and discover the key to unlocking greater energy levels and holistic health. If you’ve never considered integrative medicine, it could be time to find out what’s really been holding you back.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consulting

Inclusive Leadership® is a flagship DEI program designed for leading corporations, catering to senior leaders and managers in all areas and levels of expertise. As leaders facilitate organizational adoption and sponsorship of DEI principles, teams will experience more connection and higher performance. Inclusive Leadership® involves an IDI® (Intercultural Development Inventory®) assessment which measures intercultural competencies—the capability to shift cultural perspectives and appropriately adapt behaviour to cultural differences and commonalities. The program is based on a three-pillar framework.

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Building Awareness

Revealing and breaking DEI paradigms from a growth mindset and embracing multiple points of view supports a healthy environment in the workplace and cultivates psychological safety.

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Balancing Intention vs. Impact

Moving from self-interest to relationship focus creates deeply safe and inclusive environments. Creating boundaries around microaggressions and exploring power, rank, and privilege can help manage the gap between intent and impact.

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Driving Insights Into Actions

Creating systemic change by transforming core organizational systems is the goal of any DEI strategy. Systemic change starts with inclusive promotion and hiring processes and prioritizing inclusion and innovation.

Change Management Consulting

Change management consulting plays a pivotal role in guiding organizations through transformative journeys and ensuring the success of change initiatives. Our expertise lies in developing effective change strategies tailored to your organization’s unique needs, aligning them with your vision and goals. Talk to a LeaderSharp consultant about navigating complex transformations with confidence, minimizing disruptions, and achieving sustainable results.

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