Who We Are

Introducing - The LeaderSharp Collective


The Founding Members of The LeaderSharp Collective are a group of ten Leadership Development and Business Advisory Professionals. Many of us are experienced business leaders, who are now executive coaches and facilitators. The Collective has over 200 years of combined leadership (including ex CEO, CHRO, CFO leaders), executive coaching and leadership development expertise. This creates a compelling and impactful combination of skills for our clients.

We are based in Canada and have a presence in British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Ontario and Quebec. We also have key alliances with organizations in Canada the US that help broaden our offerings into areas such as Conflict Management, Counseling, Strategic Business coaching and advisory, and other services

We are highly experienced, certified and ICF accredited executive coaches, with experience coaching leaders at all levels, from high potentials to the C-Suite. Most of our coaches are also trainers and coach-facilitators for custom workshops and delivery of our 50+ training programs that cover a range of topics for the four levels of a business: Organization, Groups and Teams, Leaders and Employees.