Executive Coaching

Are you a manager who wants to get to the next level? Do you want to reach your full potential as a leader? Are you a first time leader who needs help?

The world needs better leaders. With the inevitable exodus of retiring Boomers, many of whom are seasoned managers, we need many more capable leaders at all levels to fill their shoes.

Today, Executive or Leadership Coaching is the foundation of leadership development. It is now widely accepted and used as a well-established business tool across the world.

Our leadership coaching programs are tailored for people who are looking to raise their game to the highest level:

"In a time where we’re surrounded by change and have so many demands on our personal and professional lives, the need for coaching is at an all-time high. Coaching is a model for engagement, empowerment, and accountability." 

Fast Company "5 Ways to Develop a Culture of Coaching" 

  • High Potentials
  • First time and mid-level managers
  • Senior leaders 
  • C-level Executives

Leadership coaching builds on your strengths, encourages increased self-awareness and helps you develop the skills you need to achieve your full potential as a leader in your organization.

LeaderSharp Coaches are all highly experienced Certified Executive Coaches accredited at PCC level (minimum) with the International Coach Federation (ICF).

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“Lisa’s ability to listen to the issues and prompt with the right questions organized my ideas and priorities, drawing focused solutions from within my own thought process. Her energy is positive and reflects in her enthusiasm, confidence and expertise.”

“Chris’s contribution to my leadership development has been transformational. My self-awareness has increased significantly. I now have a genuine desire to become an even better leader and a genuine desire to create even better business results.”


More about Executive Coaching

Google CEO Eric Schmidt on the benefits of leadership coaching


With a full belief in the client’s capability to change and grow, coaching explores attitudes and behaviours to reveal values, beliefs, perceptions and mindsets. It invokes a powerful journey of self-discovery, enlightenment and a transformation to fulfil the client’s unique and unlimited potential. The coach creates a completely safe space for the client to work within, holding the client fully capable and accountable for their own development.

  • You will identify the outcomes you want to achieve and set goals to get there
  • You will discover new possibilities, try new behaviors, and develop new skills
  • You will make clear commitments and take action with confidence. 
  • You will be held fully capable and accountable for your own development.

Coaching clients report huge value both personally and professionally, including:

  • Discovering or renewing self-belief, hope, confidence and commitment.
  • Deeper self-awareness and increased personal effectiveness
  • More confidence and feeling empowered
  • Enhanced communication skills and improved ability to influence
  • Recognition of your strengths and fully utilizing them
  • Building better relationships 
  • Improved leadership capabilities and qualities
  • A more influential leadership presence

Committed actions and achievable goals contribute to the clients’ ability to realize their highest aspirations. Importantly, this dramatically improved personal effectiveness and performance is completely aligned with and improves the achievement of their organizational strategy and goals.

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