Online Leadership Training

Through our cloud-based AI driven Docebo LMS platform

LeaderSharp is proud of our reputation, credibility and brand equity in the Canadian Leadership Development market. We have created distinct business advantages with our expansion into the global eLearning market from a solid training, coaching and consulting foundation:

 We have moved into the online learning market with our own AI driven LMS Platform (Learning Management System) for virtual delivery, either self-directed or instructor-led

  1. We currently work with a core group of highly experienced Canadian content developers. We also have a unique independent content contributor model which gives us access to global content development talent and leading-edge leadership development thinking and content.woman at laptop 600x
  2. We have strong experience in designing and delivering Blended Learning programs, the most progressive and effective training method available
  3. We are thought leaders and experienced in Vertical Development for Leaders (in addition to Horizontal Development), the cutting edge of leadership development globally
  4. We are one of very few companies in the world that offers a High Impact Leadership Development Model for online training, an impactful combination of:
  • Blended Learning techniques (a mix of instructor-led and self-directed/self-paced learning)
  • Vertical Development (Mindset expansion to higher stages of adult development)
  • Client Relevant Custom Program Development
  • Leadership coaching to increase training retention and implementation


LeaderSharp uses Docebo, an industry-leading online learning management system (LMS), to deliver online and blended learning.

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With Docebo LMS, we create engaging online learning experiences that go beyond simple text and images. In our e-learning courses, we incorporate interactive elements that are proven to increase learner engagement - like clickables, scenarios, and gamification.

With Docebo’s social learning capabilities, learners share and engage with content, ask questions to experts, and participate in discussions with peers and facilitators. And supported by Docebo’s powerful AI engine, learners interact with their Virtual Coach and receive content suggestions for LeaderSharp courses, contributions shared by other users, and AI-aggregated content from across the Web.

Through Docebo, LeaderSharp delivers both asynchronous e-learning and live instructor-led training – all in one platform. Using the asynchronous format to engage learners in independent learning prior to a live learning session, we build foundational knowledge in advance rather than using valuable classroom time for basic knowledge transfer.

Then, in the live session, we build on this pre-acquired knowledge base. This allows our live training to consist of interactive discussions, activities, and scenarios rather than passive knowledge absorption through lecture-style presentations.