GREAT FEEDBACK™ - How to Hold Coaching and Development Conversations

‘Look hard at your performance process and push toward simplification and strengths-based assessment and coaching. Train managers on how to give feedback.’

Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends 2015 Report

Sadly, it is still very common for many people to join companies but quit their manager.

Why? Because managers lack the skills or confidence to build positive relationships with great conversations.

When it comes to vitally important performance feedback conversations, most managers struggle with what to say and how to say it. It’s rarely a positive, future-focused dialogue.

Younger generations in particular want ongoing feedback and coaching. Great Feedback takes a fresh approach to an old problem using a simple 6 Step Formula for Great Feedback in combination with the powerful Coach Approach. With the expert facilitation and coaching by certified executive coaches, managers practice exactly how to hold more effective feedback conversations.

GREAT FEEDBACK™ training UNLOCKSGreat Feedback

  • Leadership Performance
  • Culture and Communication
  • Engagement and Motivation
  • Teamwork and Accountability
  • Productivity and Results
  • Trust and Retention

GREAT FEEDBACK™ is experiential training for managers at any level and creates a powerful shift in their confidence and ability to hold regular and highly effective coaching and development conversations.

The top 5 damaging mistakes managers make are:

  1. Not preparing well
  2. Not knowing how to build trust and not create defensiveness
  3. Not asking open questions to create a two-way dialogue and to understand the employee’s perspective
  4. Avoiding the conversation or not being candid enough 
  5. Not knowing how to deal with defensiveness and other emotional reactions

This causes:

  • Defensive reactions
  • Erosion of trust
  • Decrease of engagement and motivation
  • Lack of performance improvement
  • Higher turnover of your best people

Most managers and employees dislike performance reviews. No wonder many research studies have proven them ineffective. Human Resource professionals and managers alike admit this weakness.

'It is with pleasure that I recommend the GREAT FEEDBACK™ program delivered by Chris and Lisa with LeaderSharp. The training is one of the best hands-on learning experiences I have taken to date, with Lisa and Chris's exceptional ability to coach, and demonstrate on how to deliver feedback, whether it be positive or difficult under a range of circumstances.'

Many companies worldwide, including Microsoft and Accenture, are changing their performance management strategy. They are dropping the annual performance appraisals and rating systems and replacing them with ongoing feedback conversations.

Stacey Jones, an Accenture spokesperson, told Yahoo Finance. “The new system is intended to give workers more opportunities to get feedback from managers and coaching to improve their performance.”

Whether you currently have a traditional performance review process or are evolving it like other industry leaders, your managers can learn how to hold highly effective coaching and development conversations.

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