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What if we told you that in 4 easy steps that take one minute or less you can communicate what you value on the team, help people feel great about their work, express that you value them, increase motivation and commitment, reduce turnover, retain key people, help people build on their strengths and reach their goals, increase collaboration, promote a positive tone on the team, increase your credibility as a leader, and normalize ongoing, regular feedback. One minute or less! Wouldnā€™t you give it a try?!

Try these 4 simple steps for a high-impact moment of praise or recognition to achieve all of these results:

  1. Make eye contact and use their name
  2. Give a specific example of what they are doing well that you have noticed and that you appreciate
  3. Explain why you value what they did (for example the positive impact on you, others, the team, the company, goals etc)
  4. Repeat the message by saying ā€œI really appreciated it when you did thatā€ (or words to that effect) to close, and use their name again

For example: ā€œSusan, thanks so much for speaking up in the project meeting yesterday. When you talked about the challenges with the deadline I thought you were echoing what was on the minds of others and I noticed some nods. It really helped when you put that issue on the table. I think we will be more realistic about the timeframe now. So thanks again Susan. I really appreciated your candor in doing that.ā€

1 minute or less! Try it today!Ā 

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