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We have been working with the Leadership Circle for the past several months to bring anotherĀ Leadership Circle Profileā„¢ CertificationĀ to Calgary. Our conversations with coaches across Canada, have convinced us that more Canadian Certifications would be very much appreciated as there is growing interest in this profound leadership development assessment.

LCP Certification

The Great News is, The Leadership Circle has just agreed to offer another Certification in Calgary inĀ June 2018,Ā but only if we can show enough initial interest with registrants. We are so excited! And, we have to show immediate interest in order to confirm this session can go ahead.

We are reaching out to our LinkedIn network with this initial Invitation, to help us meet the minimum requirement ofĀ 10 registered coachesĀ Ā BEFORE February 15, 2018Ā to ensure this session will go ahead for our coaching community. We are about half way there as of today!

We need your help to make this happen fairly quickly. If you, or someone you know is considering or interested this training, lets get this Western Canadian Certification off the ground and show The Leadership Circle that we are keen to bring this world class, break through leadership development model to our Canadian Leaders who are battling the challenges of a VUCA* world.



Here are the key details:

DATES:Ā Tuesday, June 19th to Thursday, June 21st (3 days)

LOCATION:Ā Ā Fort Calgary (to be confirmed)

Getting certified in Calgary will cost less than any certification in the US (or even Toronto). Save yourself the air fare, the exchange rate, and if you live in Calgary, hotels and other travel costs. See below for early bird pricing and product credits that could significantly offset your costs.

EARLY BIRD PRICING is now available at S3,395 USD (Regular price for LCP training is $3,695 USD)

And here areĀ two other ways to recoverĀ some of your training investment:

1. Once Certified, you will automatically receive aĀ $500 USD creditĀ towards Leadership Circle Profiles.Ā NOTE: YOU must enter CA-1 in the ā€œCommentsā€ box when you register to receive this credit

2. If you can refer a colleague who registers for Certification, you will also receive aĀ $400 USD creditĀ towards Leadership Circle Profiles.Ā NOTE: THEY must type YOUR full name in the space indicated when THEY register for YOU to receive this credit.

3. You can register today by putting aĀ $300 USD deposit down,Ā and paying the remaining registration fee as late as one month prior to the training.

What Do You Get?

The Program is approved by ICF for 24.86 CCEUā€™s

  • Core Competencies 5.69 Units
  • Resource Development 19.17 Units

ļƒ¼ Supports you in working deeply with managers/leaders, enabling you to take coaching/leadership development to higher levels in far less time

ļƒ¼ Provides you with practical experience in debriefing assessments with clients

ļƒ¼ Teaches you theoretical/statistical foundations upon which our unique assessments stand and helps you answer client questions about assessment validity

ļƒ¼ Provides implementation templates for supporting ongoing learning and client follow-through

ļƒ¼ Introduces you into a community of practice that supports you in having greater impact through your work with leaders

ļƒ¼ You will receive a complimentary copy of Mastering Leadership by Bob Anderson and Bill Adams, as well as comprehensive training materials

ļƒ¼ You will be required to have a Leadership Profile 360 Assessment completed, giving you the remarkable experience yourself and showing you the power of the tool for your own development

ļƒ¼ Practitioners agree that the Certification process is a best-in-class experience and can be life changing for the Coach.


and join the growing global Practitioner community that is making a difference in the world:


We exist to evolve the conscious practice of leadership, to steward the planet
and awaken us all to our inherent unity.

REMEMBER: YOU must enter CA-1 in the ā€œCommentsā€ box when you register to receive the $500 USD credit

REMEMBER:Ā THEY must type YOUR full name in the space indicated when THEY register for YOU to receive the referral credit. Be sure to ask them to do this for you!

NOTE:Ā IF we donā€™t get enough registrations from the early adopters, and the Certification is cancelled,Ā you will get a full refund

Talk to the Facilitators
We are Lisa Scott and Chris Jones, Partners in LeaderSharp Group Inc. in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. We are Faculty for The Leadership Circle organization and are also certified in Collective Leadership (Leadership Culture Survey) and The Leadership System (Leadership Development Program for teams). We areĀ Master Certified PractitionersĀ for the Leadership Circle Profileā„¢ and we will be co-facilitating the June Certification in Calgary.

Leadershap Group

If youā€™d like to chat with either of us, please call us at 403.719.0800, or email at
[email protected] or [email protected]. We are more than happy to chat with you and answer any questions.

*VUCA: Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity. (ā€¦and economic downturns, geopolitical challenges, major demographic shifts and so much more!)

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