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We are in a leadership crisis of both quantity and quality.Canadian Workforce

Fact: In Canada there are only half the number of Gen-Xers to replace the aging Baby Boomers as they retire from leadership and other roles.

A 2015 Deloitte global report urged companies to make succession planning and leadership development a priority based on their survey results:

  • 6% of global HR and business leaders cite leadership as a top issue. 
  • 50% rated their leadership shortfalls as “very important.”
  • Yet only 6% believe their leadership pipeline is “very ready”—pointing to a staggering capability gap.
  • Fewer than 50% of C-suite executives feel they are receiving any development at all.
  • Just 6% say they have “excellent” programs in place to develop Millennials.

If the world needs better leaders, succession planning needs more attention to guide the development of tomorrow’s leaders.

How much focus are you giving it?

Whether you are starting from scratch or just need improvement in one or two critical areas, we can help you achieve measurable results quickly. We use a simple 4 Step process and tailor our uniquely blended Coach-Consulting approach to enable you to shift to a clear plan of action.

Start by assessing your Succession Planning gaps with Step 1 of our 4-Step Succession Optimization process:

Step 1: Succession Planning Risk Assessment

By completing this comprehensive, on-line Succession Planning Risk Assessment and the accompanying debrief with a LeaderSharp Associate, you attain a baseline for the current state of Succession Planning in your organization based on the eight 8 best-practice areas of Succession Planning. This not only provides you with a measurable result, it also gives you a benchmark for your progress when you re-evaluate. A debrief to review your results will highlight the critical areas on which to focus.

Key Outcome: Identification of critical risks, gaps and opportunities

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The Needs Analysis is a deeper dive review and exploration of your Succession Planning Risk Assessment results, your current processes, plans, resources and ideas for improvement. We work with you to pinpoint any quick wins that that could make an immediate difference, and to identify meaningful medium and long term priorities that will have the biggest impact.

Key Outcome: Prioritizing what’s important to action and what will make the biggest difference in the short, medium and long term


Focusing on the priorities identified in Step 2 we collaborate with you to build an Action Plan that establishes clear focus areas, roles, accountabilities, goals and timelines.

Key Outcome: A clear and implementable Succession Optimization Action Plan


This step focuses on coaching you and your organization to implement the Succession Optimization Action Plan you have built. We work alongside you to support the evolution of your best-practice based, sustainable Succession Planning. Reassessment is built in at regular intervals.

Key Outcome: A systematic, sustainable succession process that promotes talent development, retention and succession at all levels of your organization.

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