Customer Service

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At the heart of every successful business lies a foundation of impeccable customer service. This course is designed to empower participants with the skills and strategies essential for delivering exceptional service experiences in a rapidly evolving market. Dive deep into understanding the modern customer’s needs and expectations, hone your communication and problem-solving abilities, and develop strategies to turn challenging scenarios into opportunities for deepening customer trust. From mastering the basics of active listening to leveraging digital tools for enhanced service delivery, this course will ensure that you stand out as a beacon of service excellence, fostering customer loyalty and driving business growth.

Included Courses



Cultural Sensitivity in Customer Service 1 Hr

Every day, businesses interact with people across a variety of cultures—from the call center employee taking complaints from across the globe to the barista taking orders from a customer in front of them. These exchanges can strengthen or ruin a business deal. That’s why it’s crucial to learn to practice cultural sensitivity in customer service.


Customer Communication Essentials 1 Hr

Expert communication skills and exceptional customer support go hand-in-hand. Whether you’re answering questions, resolving problems, or developing rapport with customers—a positive experience starts with friendly, empathetic, and effective communication.  In this course, learn how to improve the customer experience by becoming a better listener and communicator.


Customer Service Fundamentals 1 Hr

The health of a business depends on the strength of its customer relationships. Yet every interaction is different—what pleases one customer won’t necessarily pass muster with the next one. So, how do you provide effective customer service across the board? And what takes a customer experience from adequate to excellent?


Customer Service Skills 1 Hr

Providing great customer service is crucial to any successful business. Customer service representatives not only assist customers with products and services, but also make them feel valued. Contrary to popular belief, customer service isn’t about the customer always being right—it’s about building positive relationships, making them feel heard, and solving problems with care.


Do You Have These Four Essential Customer Service Skills? 1 Hr

There are a handful of customer service skills that can make the difference between an average experience and one that leaves your customers feeling completely delighted. Do you know what those skills are? Do you have them? In this course, we’ll uncover four essential customer service skills and give you tons of tips, food for thought, and resources for developing these skills.


Handling Difficult Customer Service Scenarios 1 Hr

As a customer service representative, you naturally know a lot about your company and its offerings. Paired with compassion, that knowledge allows you to help customers successfully navigate through their troubles. In this course, we’ll answer that question by diving into four complex customer service scenarios.


Managing a Customer Service Team 2 Hr

On the front lines every day, the customer service team takes orders, fields complaints, and fixes errors as quickly as possible. Their goal, no matter what the problem, is to make customers feel like their needs have been met—and hopefully exceed their expectations.


Optimizing Customer Communication Across Channels 1 Hr

Phone, email, social media—there are many ways to communicate with customers. Each channel has unique requirements and etiquette. With so many ways to communicate, how can you give customers a cohesive experience? You’ll start this course by reviewing different types of customer communication channels.


Soliciting and Responding to Customer Feedback 1 Hr

A customer has just finished relating the negative experience they had with your product. What now? Do you react defensively—or thank them for their candor? Either way, what do you say?  In this course, you’ll learn why customer feedback is important and how to solicit it effectively.


Working With Upset Customers 30 Min

Does dealing with an upset customer make your heart race and your stomach churn? If so, you’re not alone. It’s easy to lose our composure or feel flustered when we encounter someone who is unsatisfied, unhappy, or just plain difficult. In this course, you’ll learn why customers get upset and how to defuse those situations with an effective apology and action plan for making things right.

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