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Experience holistic growth with our online course that merges personal and professional development. Learn to enhance self-awareness, emotional intelligence, goal-setting, time management, and interpersonal communication skills. Discover the tools to manage stress, balance work-life dynamics, and cultivate a mindset for continuous learning. Perfect for individuals seeking to excel personally and professionally.

Included Courses



4 Ways to Add Value and Earn a Raise at Work 1.5 Hr

Most employees want to get a raise, earn a promotion, or at least secure their position at work. However, not everyone understands the connection between employee contribution and compensation.


5 Career Roadblocks and How to Overcome Them 1 Hr

Do you ever get a nagging feeling that you’re a fraud? A feeling like you don’t deserve your accomplishments, you’ll never be “good enough,” and it’s only a matter of time before people find out? That feeling, while isolating, is common. And it has a name: impostor syndrome.


A Guide to Workplace Professionalism 1 Hr

What does it mean to be a professional at work? And how does professional behavior affect your career?


Assessing Your Strengths, Interests, and Values 2 Hr

Outside of the job interview, how do you answer the “What are your greatest strengths?” question? Can you put aside rehearsed answers? Do you really know where you add value?


Business Writing Fundamentals 1 Hr

Whether you’re writing an email, report, internal training document, or pitch—the ability to communicate a message effectively through writing is an essential business skill.


Coming Back From a Big Workplace Mistake 1 Hr

There’s no escaping it: We all make mistakes. The good news is that most mistakes aren’t career-ending. Rather, it’s your response to mistakes that matters most.


Common Workplace Challenges and How to Handle Them 1 Hr

Even the best workplaces face challenges. In this course, you’ll learn how to navigate some of the most common—from dealing with difficult people to overcoming your own mistakes.


Communication Fundamentals 1 Hr

You’re unlikely to see a job description without these words: “Must have excellent communication skills.” But have you ever found yourself wondering what that means—or how to demonstrate you’re a good communicator?


Developing a Growth Mindset 1 Hr

Developing a growth mindset allows individuals and companies to realize their potential, increase resilience, and achieve success. A growth mindset can unlock your capacity to learn, grow, and thrive—regardless of your current abilities or skill level.


Developing and Maintaining a Professional Network 1 Hr

Networking gets a lot of hype. Often described as the secret ingredient to driving your career, networking introduces you to coveted opportunities. It can give you a competitive edge in the workplace.


Doing the Right Thing: A Guide to Good Business Ethics 1 Hr

Good ethics are good business. Yet sometimes we all struggle to do the right thing in the workplace. Maybe we feel stressed or overwhelmed, and the easier option becomes more attractive. We could also be afraid to speak up—or just unsure what the ethical decision would be.


Feeling Unmotivated at Work? Common Causes and Tips to Increase Motivation 1 Hr

Do you ever have days where you can’t seem to muster the motivation to get anything done? While everyone feels unmotivated occasionally, chronic low motivation can prevent you from achieving your professional goals. Not only that, it can also foster feelings of anxiety, guilt, and shame that harm your well-being.


How to Build Better Relationships With Your Boss and Coworkers 1 Hr

Good relationships can boost your professional success and satisfaction at work. Having positive rapport with your boss and coworkers helps you collaborate effectively together on shared goals. Plus, it’s more enjoyable to work in an environment of mutual trust, respect, and camaraderie.


How to Get Noticed at Work 1 Hr

Have you ever felt unnoticed, undervalued, or underappreciated at work? If so, then you may suffer from a lack of workplace visibility.


How to Improve Your Focus at Work 1 Hr

If you’re familiar with the feeling of letting hours fly by without accomplishing anything, this course will help you identify problematic habits that disrupt your focus.


How to Overcome Your Fear of Failure 1 Hr

The fear of failure is a universal human experience. The question that matters is: How do you react to it? Do you take a deep breath and chase the challenging goal that scares you, anyway? Or, do you allow fear to hold you back from pursuing your dreams and seizing personal or professional opportunities?


Improve Your Business Writing Skills 1 Hr

In the workplace, solid writing skills can play a significant role in your career success. Whether you’re catching up with a coworker, pitching an idea to your boss, or building a relationship with a new client, the quality of your writing can make the difference between a positive and negative impression.


Resolving Conflict With Coworkers 1 Hr

Getting along with coworkers can be tricky—but not impossible. This course guides you on how to work through conflict with coworkers to achieve positive outcomes. You’ll discover why workplace conflict can actually be a good thing, how to have a difficult conversation, and how to seek help when progress is at a standstill or you’re dealing with an abusive coworker.


Scheduling 101: How to Prioritize Tasks and Avoid Procrastination 1 Hr

Do you constantly create schedules only to find you can’t make them work? Changing priorities, inaccurate time estimates, and procrastination are just a few of the elements that can stand in the way of your plans.


Sexual Harassment Training for Employees and Managers 1 Hr

What comes to mind when you think of a constructive work environment? Is it one that’s safe? Professional? Welcoming? Everyone has a slightly different answer, but one theme is unifying: a respectful, inclusive culture, free of harassment and discrimination.


Supercharging Your Career With the Help of a Mentor 1 Hr

A good mentor offers an empathetic ear, encouraging words, and a wealth of professional knowledge, experience, and expertise. They can advise you, challenge you, and connect you with development opportunities to reach your goals.


Take Control of Your Future: Career Development 101 1 Hr

Lewis Carroll wrote: “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” The Alice in Wonderland author meant that without a goal and a plan, you’ll wander aimlessly to nowhere.


The Complete Guide for New Professionals 1 Hr

You’ve soared through grueling interviews, nailed awkward negotiations, and finally accepted the offer. Yet, when the alarm goes off on the first day of your new job, you can’t quite get a handle on your emotions.


Workplace Distractions: How to Avoid Common Time-Wasting Traps 5 Min

It’s Monday morning. You’ve already prioritized your tasks for the week, and you’re ready to get started. But as you launch into your first task, your phone vibrates. It’s a social media notification. You grab a cup of coffee while you scroll. Then, a few minutes later, a coworker drops by for a chat. Before you know it, you’ve lost 30 minutes.

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