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In the intricate dance of business, sales play a pivotal role in determining growth and success. This comprehensive course demystifies the world of sales by offering insights into both foundational principles and cutting-edge trends. Learners will discover how to build genuine rapport, craft compelling narratives around products or services, and navigate the challenges of an ever-evolving market. Through a blend of case studies, interactive exercises, and real-world scenarios, participants will sharpen their negotiation tactics, understand the psychology of their clientele, and master the digital tools reshaping the sales landscape. Whether you’re a novice salesperson or a seasoned professional, this course will refine your skills, enabling you to drive results and foster lasting client relationships.

Included Courses



A Quick Guide to Developing a Go-to-Market Strategy 1 Hr

Whether you’re releasing a new product—or entering a new market—buttoning up your go-to-market strategy is essential for success. In this quick guide, you’ll explore the five components of an effective go-to-market strategy. You’ll also learn tips for pricing products and driving adoption with consumers.


Building Relationships in Sales 1 Hr

From the first point of contact, all the way through the buyer’s journey, and even beyond the close, salespeople constantly interact with customers. That makes relationship-building an essential skill in sales. This course introduces valuable strategies to increase your relationship-building skills.


Closing the Deal: Negotiation Strategies to Increase Sales 1 Hr

Effective sales negotiation is like a dance: Sellers must read their partners, synchronize movements, and know when to lead versus when to follow.  In this course, you’ll learn how to master the art of sales negotiation. First, you’ll identify the goals, prerequisites, and stages for entering a negotiation.


Connecting With Your Audience 1 Hr

Imagine you’re asked to deliver a sales presentation to your dream client. You want to seal the deal. What would you do to ensure your success? In this course, you’ll follow along with one sales team member, Grace Kim, who’s facing this same problem.


Guide to Negotiation and Persuasion 1 Hr

“Influencers” make a name for themselves because they can make others change or take action. Whether in a boardroom or on a social media platform, people who can influence others possess one or both of these skills: persuasion and negotiation. In this course, we’ll review the differences, competencies, and use cases for persuasion and negotiation.


Secrets to Winning Sales Presentations 1 Hr

A wise salesperson knows that closing isn’t really about the product. It’s about your relationship with the client—and how well you can demonstrate that your solution will make their life better.  In this course, you’ll learn to connect potential clients to a solution that works for them—while generating more sales and happy customers.


The Ultimate Sales Prospecting Guide 1 Hr

Every sale depends on a buyer. But where do you find that buyer? And how do you create interest—not aggravation—once you’ve found them? The answer is prospecting. In this course, you’ll learn what prospecting is and how to use it to target the right people and foster productive relationships.


Managing a Sales Team 1 Hr

As a sales leader, you play a critical role in your company’s growth and financial success. Your salespeople keep the company in business. The revenue they generate supports new product and service lines, hiring initiatives, infrastructure, and more.

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