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Transition seamlessly into a leadership role with this online course designed specifically for new managers. Delve into key managerial responsibilities, effective communication, team building, conflict resolution, and decision-making techniques. Sharpen your leadership skills and inspire team performance, all while fostering a positive and productive workplace culture.

Included Courses



A Guide to Conflict Resolution in the Workplace 1 Hr

At best, workplace conflict stifles communication and productivity. At its worst, tensions escalate to aggression and bullying. That’s why it’s important to address conflict quickly. In this course, you’ll learn common sources of discord and some typical responses to it.


A Guide to Effective Meetings 1 Hr

Unnecessary and unproductive meetings waste significant time in the workplace. Yet we all rely on meetings to communicate and collaborate with our teams, coworkers, and clients regularly.


A Guide to Empathy at Work 30 Min

A coworker bumps into his desk, and you cringe. A friend tells you about her beach vacation, and you imagine the waves, the wind, and the smell of the sea. A colleague complains about being overtired, and you remember how it felt to pull all-nighters in college.


A Leader’s Guide to Performance Management 1 Hr

Performance management is people management. An ongoing process to align individual and company goals, performance management helps make both the individual employee and the overall business more successful.


A Manager’s Guide to Resolving Team Conflict 1 Hr

You’d love for your employees to always get along. But the reality is that disagreements happen when you bring together people with different personalities, opinions, and values. As a manager, you need to keep an eye on potential conflicts between employees and help them resolve issues effectively. Otherwise, your team’s morale, productivity, and communication may take a hit.


Becoming the Boss: A Guide for New Managers 1 Hr

As a first-time manager, you likely feel a mixture of excitement and apprehension about your new role. What changes should you expect? How can you build rapport and make a good first impression with your new team? And above all, how can you become an effective boss?


Create an Enviable Team Culture 1 Hr

You’re catching up with an old friend, Harley, who has a new position. “I love my new job!” Harley exclaims. “The culture is just fantastic.” What do you think Harley means? In this course, you’ll learn some common culture types, and how to objectively assess your own culture.


Creating and Delivering Business Presentations 1 Hr

There’s nothing worse than blank faces or people checking their phones when giving a business presentation. You want to engage your audience and unite, persuade, or drive them to action—but how? In this course, you’ll learn how to create and deliver winning business presentations.


Dealing With a Problem at Work? When and How to Involve HR 1 Hr

We all experience problems at work. However, not every problem warrants a visit to HR. In this course, you’ll learn the role of human resources, along with when—and when not—to seek help with an issue. You’ll also get four best practices for approaching HR.


Effective Feedback Strategies 1 Hr

Giving employee feedback can be hard—and sometimes a little scary. Yet the benefits to giving feedback are abundant: improved engagement, self-awareness, motivation, and performance.

In this course, you’ll first learn how to prepare for and effectively conduct a feedback meeting.


Getting Started in Human Resources 1 Hr

Human resources (HR) professionals support the people who make a business thrive and grow. But what does their work look like on a daily basis, and why is it so critical? In this course, you’ll learn about the five functions that form the basis of an HR operation.


Giving Effective Feedback 1 Hr

Feedback is essential for growth. It helps us understand the impact we’re making in the workplace, how others see us, and how we can improve. But giving feedback isn’t always easy. And if the thought of it makes you uneasy, you’re not alone.


Guiding your Team’s Professional Growth 1 Hr

We want you to be happy with your career path and understand what’s next and how to get there.
To make sure you’re heading in the right direction, this course gives you the tools and training you need to drive your professional development.


How to Develop a Thriving Team 1 Hr

Your team is your greatest asset, and as a manager, you’re responsible for their success—yet the roadmap to achievement is often murky. In this course, you’ll learn how to talk to employees about their values and goals, identify gaps in your team’s skills, and training techniques for different types of employees.


How to Have a Difficult Conversation 1 Hr

No one loves having a difficult conversation at work—but most of us have had to do it. Because it’s so common, knowing how to navigate a sensitive discussion effectively is essential.


How to Manage Team Dynamics in a Multigenerational Workforce 1 Hr

What’s the number one cause of conflict at work? People. When different personalities clash, it’s bound to cause some reverberations. But understanding and embracing what makes each person unique can produce a high-performing team that excels without exception.


How to Motivate Your Team 1 Hr

What is motivation? It’s what makes you spring out of bed in the morning or smile when you see who’s calling. It makes you willing to put in a long day to close that sale. In short, motivation is the reason you do what you do. In this course, you’ll review types of motivation.


How to Work Effectively With Different Communication Styles 1 Hr

Everyone communicates differently. Some people take a collaborative approach to their work and like to discuss ideas or talk through issues with colleagues. Others simply want the facts and communicate to produce results.


Introduction to Team Management 1 Hr

As a manager, you’re not just the “person in charge.” It’s your responsibility to help your team realize their potential. Solid team management brings people together to maximize their strengths, overcome differences, and achieve shared goals. By doing so, you improve performance, productivity, and employee satisfaction. A well-managed team makes everyone—including you—look better.


Letting an Employee Go Gracefully 1 Hr

Letting an employee go is tough—especially when you’re the one who has to deliver the bad news. It will never feel good to tell someone that their performance is unsatisfactory, their behavior is unacceptable, or that they aren’t a good fit for your team.


Overcoming Procrastination 1 Hr

If you’ve ever put off doing an important task or project, you’re not alone. Procrastination is common in the workplace. And while it may not seem harmful in the moment, chronic procrastination can hinder your productivity, damage your relationships with coworkers, impact your well-being, and more.


Problem-Solving Fundamentals 1 Hr

Have you ever known someone who seems to have an answer for any challenge? No matter what life throws their way, they take it in stride. While some people may just have a knack for it, the truth is that anyone can develop strong problem-solving skills.


Receiving and Seeking Feedback 1 Hr

Receiving regular and direct feedback from managers, subordinates, and peers empowers us to grow as professionals and produce better results. This course will help you understand common reactions to feedback and dispel any misconceptions you may have. You’ll learn how to adopt the right mindset and build a positive relationship with feedback.


Setting Goals That Actually Work 1 Hr

Anyone can set an ambitious goal, but how many of us actually end up achieving it? All too often, when we embark on a seemingly smooth course, it turns out to be treacherous and unclimbable.

In this course, you’ll learn why the process of setting your goals is just as important as choosing targets that truly matter.


The Art of Managing Up 1 Hr

Your manager determines a lot about your work life. They communicate organizational and project goals, facilitate teamwork, and remove roadblocks. They also support you by providing coaching and feedback—and even advocating for your needs. So, what can you do to help your manager help you? And what part do you play in ensuring an effective, collaborative relationship?


The Four Stages of Team Development 1 Hr

As a manager, it’s up to you to bring your team together so that everyone can reach their highest potential. Teams don’t gel overnight. This course will help you facilitate optimal performance—together, as a team.


The Secrets of Skilled Delegation 1 Hr

When you think of a leader, who do you imagine? Chances are, it’s someone who knows the difference between doing and leading. Great leaders strategically guide the team’s work—they don’t do the team’s work. That’s where delegation comes in. Delegation is assigning responsibility for specific activities to others.


Time Management 1 Hr

Do you ever wish you had more hours in the day? While we can’t manufacture time, we can take control over how we spend it. In this course, you’ll first learn what effective time management is—and how it helps you juggle competing responsibilities and interests. Then, you’ll learn how to track, analyze, prioritize, and schedule your time so that you can maximize each day.


Time Management Strategies 1 Hr

It’s a perennial dilemma: How do we make the most of the time we have? Time is both precious and fleeting, and many of us feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the day. This course will give you core strategies to tackle that problem.


When to Ask Your Boss for Help 1 Hr

Have you ever had to wrestle with whether to ask your boss for help? On the one hand, you don’t want to waste your boss’s time. On the other hand, some issues could benefit from your boss’s authority, expertise, or perspective.

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